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Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes When Lubricating Bearings


Mistake #1 Lubricating based on TIME instead of CONDITION 

Mistake #2 – Over and Under Lubrication 

Mistake #3 – Using a “Listen-Only” Ultrasound Instrument 

Your machines depend on proper lubrication to reduce friction forces which otherwise reduce asset life cycle. Optimized lubrication means applying new grease only when its needed. It also means using just the right amount of grease to return friction levels to an acceptable level. Ultrasound provides you with the data to shift from calendar based to on-condition based scheduling. It tells you when friction levels elevate above acceptable baseline, and it guides you as you apply just the right amount of grease to get things back to normal.

If your calendar is still scheduling your lubrication tasks, it may be time to listen to a higher power. Choose SDT… and Hear More.


SDT270 Ultrasound Detector

The SDT270 Ultrasound Detector is quality ultrasound instrument for maintenance professionals. Designed to be a rugged, versaitle field instrument with unlimited applications.  Lubricate bearings, detect air leaks, track the condition of  bearings over time, inspect steam traps and countless other applications.  Ultrasound is the tool for predictive maintenance and the SDT270 represents the best of class in precision instrumentation.

Download the Generic Ultrasound Lubrication Procedure and get the answers now to these 3 common mistakes:

Lubracting Bearings