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Develop Reliable, Safe, Sustainable Manufacturing Practices along-side Industry Experts

Organizations worldwide are realizing the benefits of sustainable manufacturing practices. They lead to increased production efficiency, reduced costs and waste, minimized negative environmental impacts and a positive effect on brand image. These better, more sustainable, reliable and safer manufacturing processes can be achieved through condition ...
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LUBExpert Implementation - Part 4

The Right Data​"Opinion should spark your ideas, but data should direct your decisions​"​I promised it is time to touch technology in Part 4. Well, I lied a little. Let us delay pressing buttons for a moment because there is important job to do before that; take data in your hands and make the correct action plan. I am sure that by now you have a c...
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LUBExpert - The Difference is in the Details

Anyone passionate about creating a world-class lubrication program realizes that ultrasound technology is the best tool for executing the replenishment task with precision. But which ultrasound instrument works best? Which features are truly game changers? What should a program leader look for when procuring an expert ultrasound lubric...
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LUBExpert Implementation - Part 3

The Right Team"Environment Shapes Behavior"​, Jacque FrescoIf, by now, you got the big picture and right mindset, it is time to gather the right team. It would be nice to write here that it is all ok and easy -- nothing to worry about -- but that would not be true. There is a lot to worry about, a lot of things can go wrong, and it is far from easy...
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LUBExpert Implementation - Part 2

The Right Mindset"Man cannot think outside his culture", Jacque FrescoTo lay the foundation for implementation, the right mindset and culture must take top priority. Both technology and skills need a fertile environment to bring benefit. "Change" is, obviously the critical word. Not only in Lubrication, but in every aspect of our lives.As Heraclitu...
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