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Bearing Grease Replenishment: On-Condition or Time-Based?

Maintaining plant assets in an optimal state of lubrication is a topic receiving lots of attention.Maintenance and Reliability practitioners dedicate teams to the task but not every organization achieves world-class results. As much as 80% of all bearing failures are attributed to poor lubrication practices including:Using the wrong lubricantLubri...
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Six Signs of a Successful Acoustic Lubrication Program

Acoustic Lubrication is just one of the 8 application pillars adopted by world-class ultrasound programs.And what an important one it is. Poor lubrication practices account for as much as 40% of all premature bearing failures. When ultrasound is utilized to assess lubrication needs and schedule grease replenishment intervals, that number drops bel...
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SDT 340 & LUBExpert success case

Pick and Roll Title might make some of the readers to "google it", maybe even to ask themselves what does it have to do with Reliability or Condition Monitoring, but I simply like the metaphor and I am sure that at least one person will look at the title with a smile.What is Pick and Roll? It is a type of offense in basketball where two players in ...
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Develop Reliable, Safe, Sustainable Manufacturing Practices along-side Industry Experts

Organizations worldwide are realizing the benefits of sustainable manufacturing practices. They lead to increased production efficiency, reduced costs and waste, minimized negative environmental impacts and a positive effect on brand image. These better, more sustainable, reliable and safer manufacturing processes can be achieved through condition ...
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LUBExpert Implementation - Part 4

The Right Data​"Opinion should spark your ideas, but data should direct your decisions​"​I promised it is time to touch technology in Part 4. Well, I lied a little. Let us delay pressing buttons for a moment because there is important job to do before that; take data in your hands and make the correct action plan. I am sure that by now you have a c...
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