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Category: Product Manuals
SDT 340 Manual HOT

Size: 1.21 MB | Download

LUBExpert Operator's Guide HOT

LUBExpert’s onboard ultrasound assistant ensures you grease bearings right

Size: 3.35 MB | Download

SDT270 User Manual HOT

The SDT270, in combination with Ultranalysis Suite, squares the circle of maintaining simplicity for those who need it, while providing sophistication for those who want it.

Size: 2.17 MB | Download

SDT200 Product Manual HOT

SDT200 Product Manual

Size: 1.08 MB | Download

LEAKChecker User Manual HOT

Size: 2.79 MB | Download

LUBEchecker User Manual HOT

Size: 567.3 KB | Download

TIGHTChecker User Manual HOT

Size: 567.67 KB | Download

TRAPChecker User Manual HOT

Size: 564.92 KB | Download

HATCHecker User Manual HOT

Size: 515.63 KB | Download

SDT170 Manual HOT

SDT170 User Manual The User’s manual is designed as an educational guide and reference tool for anyone who wishes to use the SDT 170 equipment for its intended purpose.

Size: 4.45 MB | Download

T-Sonic9 HOT

Size: 922.06 KB | Download

SDT170 MTT Tank Test Manual HOT

The SDT TankTEST method is the quickest, the most effective and the cheapest way to control the tightness of underground fuel tanks and their associated piping.

Size: 5.4 MB | Download

SDT170MD DataManager Software HOT

DataManager is a software application operating in the PC environment. It is exclusively designed to work closely with an Ultrasonic Detector of type SDT 170 MD; a specific manual is devoted to the functionalities of SDT 170 MD.

Size: 2.33 MB | Download

SDT150 Manual HOT

Without an adequate measuring instrument, it is impossible to determine the frequency of ultrasonic interference. A factory that sounds very noisy to the human ear may actually be quiet from the ultrasonic viewpoint and vice versa. Therefore an ultrasonic detector may be equipped with accessories able to isolate one from several sources.

Size: 178.7 KB | Download

SDT8 Ultrasonic Multi-Transmitter Manual HOT

This ultrasonic multi-transmitter is designed for detecting openings in constructions or industrial products. It must work with an ultrasonic receiver such as the as the SDT 150, the SDT 170 or the SDT Sherlog by applying the “Transmission-Reception” method.

Size: 210.9 KB | Download

SDT LeakTester HOT

Size: 1.38 MB | Download

T-Sonic1 Manual HOT

Size: 687.63 KB | Download

How to install Ultranalysis® Suite software HOT

Size: 1.69 MB | Download

How to activate Ultranalysis® Suite software HOT

Size: 29.08 KB | Download

Ultranalysis Suite User Manual HOT

The Ultranalysis Suite is the ultimate companion to the SDT270 ultrasonic data collector.

Size: 3.91 MB | Download

Universal Battery Loader HOT

Size: 722.71 KB | Download

SDT Sherlog Manual HOT

The Sherlog detects ultrasonic signals, converts them to audible frequencies, and amplifies them. The challenge is to transpose the received signal, using the heterodyne technology, into an interpretable audible signal. This solution extends the ability of the human ear beyond the simple audible range and into the ultrasonic one.

Size: 2 MB | Download

Online4US User Manual HOT

Size: 2.44 MB | Download

SDT340 Benutzerhandbuch HOT

Size: 1.24 MB | Download

RAPsodyBox User Manual HOT

Size: 1.07 MB | Download