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Your Versatile, Portable Ultrasound Solution

Downtime is a constant threat to your assets.


It's a fact: All machines can fail. You need a solution that helps predict those failures early. Schedule your maintenance tasks on your terms. Let SDT help you take back control of your assets.

Whether it’s in the form of equipment failures, unplanned production downtime or costly, last-minute repairs, you need a device that helps you maximize uptime, minimize costs and maintain control of your assets.

The SDT270 ultrasound detector provides greater insight into the health of your assets. It helps you control energy costs, predict failures, improve product quality and increase overall production uptime. With your SDT ultrasound solution, you have the ability to predict and prevent failures before they occur. Stop relying on the reactive, fire-fighting maintenance measures of the past and start a proactive approach.

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SDT’s Building Blocks Concept Enables Flexibility

The SDT270 ultrasound solution remains true to our reputation for intelligent instrument design. SDT’s Building Blocks concept combines options for hardware flexibility, software for data management and sensors that promote ergonomics, safety and ease of use. The SDT270, in combination with the Ultranalysis Suite, maintains simplicity for those who need it while providing sophistication for those who want it.

Ultranalysis® Suite

Powerful software to manage intelligent hardware

More infos on Ultranalysis® Suite
SDT270 Ultrasonic Detector: Reliability’s Most Versatile Technology

Use your SDT270 ultrasound solution for a number of applications in your plant.

  • Bearing Monitoring – Monitor and maintain the health of your bearings with the SDT270.
  • Leak Detection – Apply the SDT270 to your leak detection efforts, and save up to 40% on energy costs.
  • Electrical Systems – Detect and catalog electrical faults with ultrasound technology.
  • Steam Traps – Ensure that you’re cultivating a clean steam system and a productive network at your industrial site.
  • Valve Monitoring – Secure your valves and identify failures with your SDT270 ultrasound solution.
  • Condition Monitoring – Protect your plant against downtime with efficient and accurate condition monitoring.
  • Marine Applications – When you’re on the water, maintain the integrity of your operations with the SDT270.
  • TankTest – Use your SDT270 to test underground storage tanks.
SDT270 Ultrasound Features
  • Measures ultrasound, vibration, RPM, humidity and temperature from one instrument
  • Two channel inputs to connect ultrasound and multifunction sensors with accessories simultaneously
  • Unmatched accuracy and repeatability for reliable trending and analysis in ultrasound detection and measurements
  • Upgradeable firmware to grow with your needs
  • Planned and Conditional Survey modes to guide you logically through your plant
  • Device and software available in six languages (EN, FR, DU, GE, ES, IT)
  • IP-addressable to access Internet support and training

ATEX Certified

ATEX Certified

The SDT270 meets the requirements set by ATEX for use in the most dangerous and potentially explosive atmospheres in the world. For the first time, ultrasound inspectors working in intrinsically safe-rated zones now have access to the unique and advanced features of the SDT270.

Download The ATEX Certificate For The SDT270-ATEX

Doug Stangier

“Our maintenance teams have taken a keen interest in the compatibility of utilizing SDT ultrasound instruments and marrying that technology with vibration analysis to get a deeper understanding of our assets and detecting failures prior to them becoming catastrophic. Outstanding products with outstanding people make SDT an awesome part of the maintenance reliability world.”

Doug Stangier – Maintenance Manager, CMRP CRL

Alexandre Vigean “Ultrasound testing can detect potential problems of bearings and also confirms a supposed usury. These functions were identified successfully by SDT and our team during an expertise. With this first experience and this new instrument, we are now able to offer expertise on the bearings of our clients for monitoring and early diagnosis of the state of wear of the rotating elements.”

Alexandre Vigean – Maintenance Engineer, ThyssenKrupp

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