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Marine applications

Tightness testing of hatch covers and on-board predictive maintenance program

Ultrasonic tightness testing offers a complete, global solution with unheard-of accuracy and reliability. Accuracy that has received Classification Society Type Approval.

Water-damaged cargo remains one of the most pressing problems for the industry as a whole. Owners, P&I Clubs and insurers are faced with several hundred million dollars of water damage claims a year, not counting missed deadlines and serious disruption to client operations.
Now ultrasonic tightness testing can dramatically improve the n° 1 cause for claims each year – simply, accurately and reliably!

ultrasound hatch cover testing

SDT Sherlog range is custom-made for maritime applications

Ultrasound h>as a proven track record in the marine industry performing weather tightness testing on hatch covers. SDT’s Sherlog line of ultrasound detectors features tailor-made solutions for the marine industry, allowing you to face the challenges of modern shipping. Plus, you’ll have confidence that the cargo is safe from damage that seawater ingress can cause.

A global solution: instrument, training and certification

Sherlog product range with different kits that suit the needs of every operator

Whether you need a simple measuring device or would like to develop a complete type-approved tightness testing program, SDT has designed a kit that meets your needs. See the details of each kit and the users for which it is recommended.

Hear More On Board

With the right equipment, ultrasonic tightness testing is quick, efficient, repeatable and reliable. SDT has been closely collaborating with the marine industry for more than 20 years. This collaboration has led to the development of a complete range of products for tightness testing and shipboard maintenance. All of our products are backed by fanatical worldwide support and training.

On board Predictive maintenance program, benefits of using ultrasonic equipment:

Integrating the Sherlog SDT200 or SDT270 in a shipboard maintenance system allows detecting upcoming problems in an early stage before other techniques will detect them. Recognizing the advantages and benefits of using Sherlog SDT200 or SDT270 receivers will not only add significantly to managing the budget for maintenance, but will also help in avoiding costly downtime as a result from breakdowns, extending the in-service life of your ship borne equipment, enhancing reliability and safety. Using Sherlog SDT200 or SDT270 equipment will also allow shipboard crew and managers to organize and plan maintenance where and when it is needed

Save a lot of time, trouble, efforts and money in a large number of ultrasonic and applications: