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Marine Ultrasound Testing

Give Your On-Board Maintenance Program A Boost With Ultrasound!

Your cargo is safe, but how healthy is the rest of your ship?

Ultrasound has a proven track record in the marine industry performing weather tightness testing on hatch covers. SDT’s Sherlog line of ultrasound detectors features tailor-made solutions for the marine industry, allowing you to face the challenges of modern shipping. Plus, you’ll have confidence that the cargo is safe from damage that seawater ingress can cause.

Like a floating factory, your ship has many systems that can benefit from ultrasound testing. SDT’s Sherlog ultrasound detectors can be utilized for far more than just hatch cover testing. Condition monitoring of rotating and nonrotating assets, finding electrical faults, tracing air, and checking for steam and gas leaks are just the beginning. SDT has an ultrasound solution for your on-board maintenance routine. Let us show you how to predict failures long before they shut you down.

Hear More On Board

With the right equipment, ultrasonic tightness testing is quick, efficient, repeatable and reliable. SDT has been closely collaborating with the marine industry for more than 20 years. This collaboration has led to the development of a complete range of products for tightness testing and shipboard maintenance. All of our products are backed by fanatical worldwide support and training.

Kits For Marine Ultrasound Testing

Whether you need a simple measuring device or would like to develop a complex maintenance strategy based on advanced ultrasound testing, the wide range of measuring tools and sensors available from SDT allows you to assemble a customized inspection kit.