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Why is the SDT340/UAS4.0 the 2019 Digital Innovation Award Winner

The SDT340 with UAS4 won the 2019 Digital Innovation Award from the Belgian Maintenance Association (BEMAS) as well as the Jury Award !

Here are 7 reasons why the SDT340/UAS4.0 is the most innovative solution for reliability and asset management in 2019 :

#1 – This is a SOLUTION… not a product

SDT Ultrasound Solutions makes amazing products. Why? Because we design them to be solutions. We do not clutter our design with fluffy features that provide no real value for the end user. We do not window-dress our offer to mislead the consumer. We produce solutions that give our customers a better understanding about the health of their assets and the reliability of their plants. No compromise, no sell-outs, only solutions.


Innovative solutions must stand the test of time... and your workplace. SDT Ultrasound Solutions manufactures the most reliable instruments in the condition monitoring business. We know it and we put our money where our mouth is. Lifetime for SDT means 10 years after obsolescence. So an SDT340 sold today, might still be covered by warranty in 2050!

#3 – focUS Mode

focUS mode is a new way to enhance analysis of machines; especially gearboxes and slow speed mechanical assets. With focUS mode we can select from 64, 128, or 256k samples per second. We can see rubbing, scratching, impacting, gear mesh, reciprocating valves in focUS mode that remain hidden in standard sample rates. This supports our Reliability Partner vision of ZERO unplanned downtime by allowing us to do deeper analysis and find hidden defects.

#4 – Headset Volume Precautions

Independent volume/sensitivity adjustment and SDT's written assurance that inspectors will never be exposed to noise levels higher than national governed standards. No other ultrasound gun can make that claim. Why go deaf when you can #HearMore

#5 – Crazy Long Data Acquisition Time

Up to 10 minutes per measurement ! Imagine a bearing turning so slow you need 600 seconds to capture 3 full rotations. What do you do? Set your SDT340 to 10 minutes, plug in your ultrasound and vibration probes, hit record and enjoy your coffee.

#6 – Swiss Army Detector

Four technologies in one: Ultrasound, Vibration, Temperature, RPM. No other device offers this level of versatility combined with ease of use.

#7 – Crisp, Clear, Colourful Display

Clean, clear colour display featuring zooming Time Waveform and Enveloping FFT

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