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Unlock The Power Of Ultrasound

Be Proactive With Your Asset Condition Management Strategy

Want reliability? You need ultrasound! Let us show you how.

Ultrasound’s contributions to overall plant reliability are proven. It has earned its place as a key element of any asset condition management strategy. Many times it can pay for itself on the first use!

Ultrasound has hundreds of useful applications in almost any industry. However, it is most often utilized for:

  • Compressed air leak detection
  • Steam trap testing
  • Valve bypass
  • Bearing testing and bearing re-greasing
  • Electrical discharge such as corona, arcing and tracking
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger testing

It is a useful troubleshooting device and a powerful condition monitoring technology that most maintenance professionals find extremely useful.

At SDT, we go beyond a typical product demonstration. We want to understand your operations and your goals and explain how ultrasound testing helps you achieve them.

Contact us today to schedule an on-site demonstration.

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