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Acoustic Lubrication Procedure

Acoustic Lubrication is just one of the 8 application pillars adopted by world-class ultrasound programs. And what an important one it is. Poor lubrication practices account for as much as 40% of all premature bearing failures.

When ultrasound is utilized to assess lubrication needs and schedule grease replenishment intervals, that number drops below 10%. What would 30% fewer bearing related failures mean for your organization? Keeping up with the changes in on-condition bearing lubrication techniques is challenging. Technology advancements from SDT’s LUBExpert allows us to transform complex processes into simple, 5-step procedure.

Ultrasound assisted lubrication of plant assets offers significant benefits that calendar based lubrication cannot. The days of relying on calendars and calculators are over. Use our 5-Step Acoustic Lubrication Procedure and start greasing bearings right!

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