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Change your lubrication culture. The new SDT LUBExpert helps you "grease bearings right".
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On-Condition Lubrication & Bearing Health Using Ultrasound with Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy discusses on-condition lubrication; how it contributes to overall bearing health and how ultrasound is the key technology to achieve this goal.  Watch this great presentation taken from Tom's talk at IMC 2016.Hear More ❱❱❱
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SDT Presents the LUBExpert

SDT LUBExpertSDT is excited to announce their latest innovation in ultrasound technology. Aimed specifically at solving problems related to machinery lubrication, LUBExpert offers a unique solution to a most misunderstood maintenance tasks; bearing re-lubrication. LUBExpert combines SDT's strong measurement capabilities and clever user interface to...
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SDT Announces Software and Firmware Updates

Ultranalysis Suite (UAS)In 2009, SDT, a pioneer in the ever evolving asset condition monitoring world, released UAS Version 1.001 Looking back over its 7-year history of upgrades and improvements, our bold decision to create the first fee based ultrasound software was the right one. There is a cost to be on the UAS platform; a cost that is surpasse...
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Report: Ultrasound Inspections on Press Washers

SDT was tasked with measuring the press washers at a major paper processing plant in Europe.   ​ ​First Press Wash​ dBuV(RMS)​ dBuV(Crest Value)​Second Press Wash​dBuV(RMS)​dBuV(Crest Value)​ Opposite Side Hydraulic Motor​ bearing 1​ -2.4​ 23​Bearing 1​-7​16.8​ ​bearin...
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