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Develop Reliable, Safe, Sustainable Manufacturing Practices along-side Industry Experts

Organizations worldwide are realizing the benefits of sustainable manufacturing practices. They lead to increased production efficiency, reduced costs and waste, minimized negative environmental impacts and a positive effect on brand image. These better, more sustainable, reliable and safer manufacturing processes can be achieved through condition monitoring with the proper guidance, mentorship and training.

Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials™ is a FREE webinar series from SDT with special guest experts from all areas of reliability. This series began with the idea that SDT and our likeminded speakers could unite to create a better world through safer, more reliable and sustainable manufacturing. We aim to do this by continuing the advancement of knowledge, not just in our ultrasound domain but across all areas of condition monitoring.

So far, we've covered infrared thermography, RCM strategies, slow-speed bearing analysis, coupling inspection, oil & grease analysis, lubrication storage and handling best practices, bearing lubrication replenishment best practices and much more, all in our first 23 episodes. We've had the pleasure of welcoming guests experienced in both condition monitoring and presenting such as Rich Wurzbach, Jeff Shiver, Jesus Sifonte, Craig Casler, Peter Phillips, Wayne Ruddock, Dr. Karl Hoffower, Chris Greene, and Paul Llewellyn.

Join over 4000 other condition monitoring practitioners who have taken this crucial step in improving maintenance practices performed in their facility. By registering you gain access to our library of past episodes as well as receive updates about upcoming instalments to the series. Register today, it's FREE!

LUBExpert Implementation - Part 4
SDT 340 & LUBExpert success case