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The Three Mistakes of Bearing Lubrication

Friction is all around us. Without it we would find it very difficult to run, walk, or even stand on our own two feet. We need friction to drive our cars and fly our aeroplanes; and we need friction for our motors to drive pumps. But when it comes to our plant machinery, friction is both friend and foe. If part of your job is greasing plant ma...
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Report: Ultrasound Inspections on Press Washers

SDT was tasked with measuring the press washers at a major paper processing plant in Europe.   ​ ​First Press Wash​ dBuV(RMS)​ dBuV(Crest Value)​Second Press Wash​dBuV(RMS)​dBuV(Crest Value)​ Opposite Side Hydraulic Motor​ bearing 1​ -2.4​ 23​Bearing 1​-7​16.8​ ​bearin...
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The Winning Duo Are...Vibration and Ultrasound Together

A combination of vibration and ultrasound techniques are in the same instrument. Problems are detected by static measurements while dynamic measurements are used when a further diagnosis is required.More than ever, production cost control affects the operations of the Maintenance Department. While its role still consists in knowing the health condi...
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Air Tightness Testing of Retread Aircraft Tires

A modular acoustic air tightness testing platform has been developed for manufactured products such as valves, catheters, bags, vials, packing, bottles, syringes, cartridges and tanks. Bridgestone Aircraft Tire Europe uses it to check the air tightness of retread tires.Bridgestone aircraft Tire Europe was seeking a reliable method to check the air ...
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Fitted with Low-speed Bearings

Bearings are key components of rotating machines. The condition of bearings operated at high speeds can be monitored effectively using a number of techniques such as vibration detection. The condition monitoring of low-speed bearings requires a very different solution.Polysius, a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp, and a market-leading engineering company ...
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Using Ultrasound for Friction, Impacts and Turbulence

A thorough Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, FMEA, might well highlight failure modes related to increased friction, the presence of impacts or the presence of turbulence. These are three key parameters detectable by airborne and structure-borne ultrasound. Whether evaluating equipment reliability or establishing a strategy, ultrasound has an impor...
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