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Multifunction Ultrasound Sensors

Enhance Ultrasonic Detection With Reliable Sensors

Multifunctional Sensors

When you’re fighting downtime, you need an ultrasound solution equipped with state-of-the-art sensors that allow you to log, trend and arm your measurements.

Sometimes, your ultrasound needs are more complex. Our Building Blocks concept allows you to unlock sensor upgrades for your SDT270 and for your SDT200 at any time, improving the device’s abilities and expanding your ultrasound applications.

Purchase these upgrades to optimize your ultrasound detector based on your needs. Our upgrades are easy to unlock remotely, giving you access to new or more advanced functionalities seamlessly – as soon as they become available.

SDT’s Building Blocks concept is designed so that your ultrasound solution evolves to meet your program’s needs. Unlock features and functionality with firmware upgrades to measure temperature, RPM and vibration. Add dynamic signal analysis to monitor slow-speed applications, and manage thousands of machines with data logging.

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Multifunction Ultrasonic Detection Sensors Available For Upgrade
  • Internal Temperature Sensor – Accurately measure the temperature of your equipment and log the data for future reference. Use this sensor in combination with the built-in laser pointer for pinpoint accuracy. It includes adjustable emissivity for measuring the temperature of any surface. (SDT200 and SDT270)
  • Internal Tachometer – Unlock the tachometer to optically measure the rotational speed of your equipment with the built-in laser pointer. This sensor measures both revolutions per minute (RPM) and revolutions per second (RPS). SDT270’s built-in tachometer optically measures shaft rotation, displaying the result in RPM and RPS. (SDT270)
  • Accelerometer Support – To measure the vibration severity of your machinery, your SDT270 has upgradeable accelerometer support, compatible with any industry standard accelerometer. Activate the vibration measurement key on your SDT270 to measure, log, alarm and analyze vibration data. Overall vibration severity is measured using any of the SDT270 versions SB, SS and SD or by the Ultranalysis® Suite software. Advanced data acquisition is possible with SDT270DD and SDT270DU versions only. Time waveform and FFT is analyzed through the Ultranalysis Suite software.

Doug Stangier

“Our maintenance teams have taken a keen interest in the compatibility of utilizing SDT ultrasound instruments and marrying that technology with vibration analysis to get a deeper understanding of our assets and detecting failures prior to them becoming catastrophic. Outstanding products with outstanding people make SDT an awesome part of the maintenance reliability world.”

Doug Stangier – Maintenance Manager, CMRP CRL

Alexandre Vigean “Ultrasonic measurements can detect potential problems on bearings and also confirm assumptions of wear. These functions were successfully identified by SDT and our team during a survey. With this first experience and equipped with our new instrument, we are now able to propose to our customers a survey of their bearings in order to monitor them and to make an early diagnosis of the state of wear of the rotating elements. ”

Alexandre Vigean – Maintenance Engineer, ThyssenKrupp

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