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Acoustic Lubrication
& Bearing Monitoring

Predict Problems Before Your Bearings Fail

Ninety­-nine percent of all bearings fail, and when they do, your production comes to a standstill.

Ninety nine percent of all bearings fail, and when they do, your production comes to a standstill

How do you prevent a single component from crippling your entire facility? By predicting failures before they happen.

Your production depends on healthy, rotating assets. Bearing monitoring is one of many ultrasound applications that gauge the health of your factory. All bearings emit ultrasound signals that are masked by the sounds of your operation. Ultrasonic bearing monitoring enables you to hear, measure and trend these signals and decide if your asset is OK.

Most bearings do not live to their engineered lifecycle, and bad lubrication practices are the leading cause. Lubrication of bearings is one of the most misunderstood and abused tasks in the industry. Knowing when and how much to grease is the key to optimizing bearing lubrication. With ultrasonic bearing monitoring, you’re able to lubricate bearings based on their condition rather than on a fixed schedule. Predict relubrication intervals and add just the right amount of grease with SDT’s integrated ultrasound greasing solutions.

Detect Bearing Faults Before They Stop Production

Detect Bearing Faults Before They Stop Production

With the SDT270 and SDT200 ultrasound solutions, you’re able to hear beyond the noise to detect the ultrasonic waves that your bearings emit. As you hear more, you have the ability to identify faults and lubricate or replace bearings before your asset fails.

The SDT270 is your first line of defense for bearing condition monitoring. It answers the fundamental question, “Is it OK?” Build trend graphs that trigger alarms when elevated levels of friction threaten the lifecycle. Collect dynamic data for advanced time waveform analysis. Use all of your SDT270’s sensors – ultrasound, vibration, temperature and RPM – to alert you when it’s time to take action.

LUBExpert is an acoustic system designed to help lube-techs grease bearings right. LUBExpert tells you when to grease... and when to stop. It tracks the quantity of grease dispensed, and alerts you if the quantity of grease injected is about to surpass the designated maximum quantity.

LUBExpert combines SDT’s strong measurement capabilities and clever user interface to create an onboard lubrication & greasing assistant. Intelligent algorithms guide lube-techs before, during, and after re-greasing resulting in optimal lubrication parameters on all assets.

Detect Bearing Faults Before They Stop Production

This predictive approach to bearing monitoring saves time, energy and money. To help you monitor the health of your bearings, SDT offers contact sensors that pair with your ultrasound solution. These sensors allow you to hear more, detect more and prevent more.

Ultrasound signals emitted by bearings are low-energy, high-frequency sounds that remain localized to their source. SDT pairs contact sensors with your ultrasound solution. These sensors pull the ultrasound signal from the bearing to the SDT200/SDT270.

Ultranalysis® Suite 2

Powerful software to manage intelligent hardware

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Sensors For Bearing Monitoring

RS1 Needle Contact Sensor

RS1 Needle Contact Sensor

Monitor bearings with this sensor designed for structure-borne ultrasonic waves.

RS1 Threaded Sensor

RS1 Threaded Sensor

Use the threaded sensor with magnetic mounts for accurate, repeatable bearing lubrication.