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Ultranalysis® Suite

Powerful software to manage intelligent hardware

The Ultranalysis® Suite is the most powerful ultrasonic measurement management software ever designed for maintenance professionals

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It's a real revolution for those responsible for reliability. Only UAS allows ultrasonic maintenance technicians to maintain their systems by creating their database and collecting, managing and analysing data with such ease and reliability. UAS not only manages your ultrasound measurements but also vibration, temperature and rotational speeds.

  • Seven-level tree structure to organise and manage your asset condition information.
  • Available in single user or network version.
To give to you an idea of the many functionalities of the Ultranalysis Suite software, SDT places this test-version at your disposal.

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Sign up now for our 30-day / 60 use Trial version of the UAS. This is a functional version that you can run 60 times or for 30 days, whichever comes first.

Alarms, trend graphs and signal analysis

The effectiveness of your predictive maintenance programme requires timely, but not time-consuming, analysis of your collected data. Ultranalysis Suite allows you to set benchmarks and alarms that will notify you of changes in your assets health giving you time to plan your maintenance strategy.
You will find all the features needed to organise your monitoring programmes and create your trend graphs as well as perform the most advanced signal analyses.

  • With customised alarm levels, you can check the status of your assets at a glance.
  • The static measurement trend graphs allow you to monitor the status of machines.
  •  Dynamic data analysis is particularly usefult for identifying critical defects in rotating machinery, valves, steam traps and electrical systems.