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SDT Training

The purpose is to introduce you all to our SDT Training concept. Since 2015, we dreamt about creating a platform to share knowledge on condition monitoring and reliability to the world. We early realized that the only way to achieve it was to build a model we could monetize. Our vision is to self-fund this project with subscriptions from our (your) clients while creating a platform people can count on to get reliable knowledge about CM technologies and practices.

Since early December 2019, we are ready with the first offer: "Ultrasound Essentials 1" or "UE1" abbreviated.

What is it?

Ultrasound Essentials – Part 1 (UE1) is 25 bundled short courses designed to kickstart any ultrasound journey. The courses are delivered both "live" and "on-demand" and currently available in both English and Spanish. We also plan to translate these courses in French and in other languages very soon. You can learn more about each course at We have, currently, two sessions LIVE ongoing that started on 2 December 2019 and 13 January 2020. In case you missed the first sessions, don’t worry, each session is recorded and offered on-demand. You can watch them as often as you want.

After each course we challenge you with a short, 5-question quiz. The platform records your score on the quiz and even offers you the opportunity to take a new quiz attempt if you don't do well. We want you to join us as soon as possible! There is a link in this email to create a profile and enroll in UE1.

There are many benefits for your customers to take the UE1 course as well as the entire WEB House Platform. In time, this will be the "go-to" training site for ultrasound professionals and condition monitoring professionals around the world.

You are encouraged to sell subscriptions to all your customers!

You will receive a separate email detailing how you can be part of this training programme. For today though, I want you to focus on getting your sales team registered and learning.

⚠️ Remember ⚠️

This is a free access for your staff only.

It is not to be shared with customers or anyone outside your company.

If we do not recognize the names of registrants, they will be instantly deleted. As an official dealer of SDT, you may get a commission of 25% on each access sold to your customers.

To register, send first an e-mail to [email protected], he will forward you your personal link for a free registration.