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Sherlog kit CADET

This entry-level kit of the SDT Sherlog product range includes :

  • SDT FLEX.US receiver, with flexible sensor which allows the operator to bend and flex the sensor to gain access to hard-to-reach areas
  • SDT 8 MS transmitter
  • Noise isolating headphone

Furthermore, the SDT FLEX.US receiver

  • Is powered by ordinary AA batteries
  • Allows accurate and quick pin-pointing of areas where lack of compression exists on basis of an audible signal
  • Is able to work in the continuous or non-continuous mode
  • Has an easily adjustable volume control.

Customer/Operator profile:

This low budget, but robust and reliable equipment is an ideal solution for operators who are interested in quick, reliable and easy detection of leaky spots with a high level of precision. As detection of leaky spots is based on evaluating the received audible sound only, the Sherlog kit “CADET” combines easy and accurate testing with a minimum of training.