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Sherlog kit MASTER

Sherlog kit MASTER

New technologies, experience and feedback from operators throughout the years have culminated in the latest creation of SDT, i.e. the SDT270 receiver. The Sherlog kit “MASTER” completes the SDT Sherlog product range with state of the art equipment which allows for enhanced performance, accurate measuring and instant reporting.

The Sherlog kit “MASTER” includes

  • The ultimate performance receiver (SDT270)
  • SDT 8 MS ultrasonic transmitter
  • Noise isolating headphone
  • Icon based menus for intuitive navigation
  • 6 integrated linguistic versions
  • External flexible sensor
  • Red/green indicator for indicating measurements >10% OHV
  • Tailor made DataDump software for data transfer to computer through USB
  • Independent adjustments of listening volume and amplification level for a real comfort of use.

The Sherlog SDT270 further allows

  • Logging of functional test
  • Selecting the number of hatch covers panels
  • Navigating on the receiver’s display in order to position and log leaky areas
  • Indicating additional openings like loading ports, ventilators and access hatches
  • Storing of operator, equipment, certificate, port and ship information for inclusion in the final test report
  • Immediate generation of a fully detailed, comprehensive and tamperproof test report.

Customer/Operator profile:

In addition to high quality performance, the unique screen navigation feature adds considerably to the user friendly measuring and logging of data during the execution of tightness test on board. Moreover, the enhanced reporting features of the SDT270 allow producing detailed and comprehensive survey reports in MS-Word format immediately after completion of the tightness test which is a major step forward in facilitating the reporting work of every surveyor, consultant or superintendent.