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Sherlog kit MATE

Sherlog kit MATE

The Sherlog “MATE” kit includes the SDT200 receiver which is a high quality ultrasonic receiver which allows to easily identify areas where compression is affected and evaluate measurements which are shown digitally on the LCD display.

The Sherlog kit “MATE” includes

  • High-performance SDT 200 receiver
  • SDT 8 MS ultrasonic transmitter
  • Noise isolating headphone
  • Icon based menus for intuitive navigation
  • 6 integrated linguistic versions
  • External flexible sensor
  • Storage capacity for 4000 time- and date-stamped measurements
  • Tailor made DataDump software for data transfer to computer and printing
  • Independent adjustments of listening volume and amplification level which enhances user’s comfort.

Customer/Operator profile:

The Sherlog kit “MATE” is recommended to users who value the importance of both measuring and evaluating the weathertight integrity of hatch covers, as well as the transfer of survey data to their computer to facilitate reporting and record keeping. In order to interprete readings and test results in a correct manner, following the SDT-IMCS training course will enhance understanding and knowledge of the operator.