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Support Plans & Extended Warranty

SDT Technical Support Services are here to ensure that your SDT products and software operate to the standard you expect and that you benefit from the most current firmware and software available.

We have developed a comprehensive suite of support services aimed at helping you stay on track with your ultrasound program. Protect your technology investment. Our focus is maintaining your ultrasound assets so you can focus on maintaining your company's assets.

SDT SoundCareTM Service Plan

Our products carry a basic two year warranty which covers:

  • Parts and Labor
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Global Coverage

SDT's SoundCareTM Service provides extended care for your hardware beyond the standard manufacturer's warranty. Choose three year or six year coverage and enjoy trouble free operation for the life cycle of your equipment. Benefits include:

  • Performance guarantee
  • Firmware updates
  • Support by e-mail, phone, and remote access
  • 25% savings on annual calibration
  • Parts coverage
  • Labor coverage
  • Accessory coverage
  • Sensor coverage
  • Repetitive repair warranty
  • Replacement guarantee
  • Global coverage
  • Battery replacement at end of term

SDT SoftCareTM Support Plan

To help you get the most from your UltranalysisTM Software Suite, we include with every UASTM license:

  • 6 months e-mail support
  • 6 months software updates
  • Access to online user group

Your UAS experience is greatly enhanced with SoftCareTM, a comprehensive and cost-effective plan that provides timely access to software updates and extensive technical support resources that ensure operational efficiency. Choose either a three or six year coverage and enjoy these benefits:

  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Unlimited remote access support
  • Unlimited access to online resources
  • Unlimited software updates
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Doug Stangier

“Our maintenance teams have taken a keen interest in the compatibility of utilizing SDT ultrasound instruments and marrying that technology with vibration analysis to get a deeper understanding of our assets and detecting failures prior to them becoming catastrophic. Outstanding products with outstanding people make SDT an awesome part of the maintenance reliability world.”

Doug Stangier – Maintenance Manager, CMRP CRL

Alexandre Vigean “Ultrasonic measurements can detect potential problems on bearings and also confirm assumptions of wear. These functions were successfully identified by SDT and our team during a survey. With this first experience and equipped with our new instrument, we are now able to propose to our customers a survey of their bearings in order to monitor them and to make an early diagnosis of the state of wear of the rotating elements. ”

Alexandre Vigean – Maintenance Engineer, ThyssenKrupp

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