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Tips and Tricks

Device recharge:

Be sure to charge your SDT200, SDT270, SDT340 during complete cycles. The very purpose of this habit is to extend your battery’s life and to use your devices optimally for several hours. SDT batteries when fully charged are designed to hold a working day (between 6 and 8 hours). It is recommended to charge your device when the battery reaches 20% of its capacity. Wait until the end of the recharging cycle, when the indicator light on the charger is steady and green, to unplug your device. You can now see that the number of charge cycles completed on your device has been incremented by one digit.

Maintenance Tank Test sensors:

Your Tank test set has been designed to be highly sensitive. Unfortunately, the harsh conditions in which they are used mean that sensors often have multiple hits. To avoid that we have designed Rubber Sensor Protections to keep sensors away from shocks that would lead to unreliable measurements. It is also recommended to dry your cables and sensors after any usage with a soft, dry cloth, as some solutions keep on attacking the rubber even after.

Small sales make big profits:

It is quite surprising to see the number of SDT200mW that are still sent to us for repair, when the price of the TSonic-1 is almost the same than the repair and shipment costs combined. Proactively propose the TSonic-1 to the customer that brings his SDT200mW for repair. Prohibit the SDT200mw for the benefit of T-Sonic1. The same goes for the SDT8 and the T-Sonic9.

Charging issue:

It seems like my SDT270 doesn't recognize the charger and the charge indicator on the device is flashing quickly. What can I do? First, don't unplug the charger. The next thing you need to do is a reset of your SDT270. Depending on the version, the reset method is different. - If you have an SDT270 MK1 version: Get a paper clip and insert it in the tiny hole above the jack plug on your device. Press gently to initiate the device's reset. - If you have an SDT270 MK2 version: Press and hold the Power button on your device for 5 sec. The reset will be initialized automatically. After the reset, you can unplug and plug in your charger. You can now recharge your device normally.