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Harness The Power Of Ultrasound

Ultrasound Training For Everyone

Maintaining simplicity for those who need it and sophistication for those who want it, SDT’s ultrasound solutions have the potential to save you time and prevent faults long before breakdowns occur and production stops.

How do you maximize your potential?

Certified Inspector Training Classes and On-Site Implementation Training give you great insight into the potential of ultrasound solutions.

Because SDT is dedicated to helping you maximize the usefulness of your device, you have access to training resources, like the Ultrasound Learning Center, whitepapers, presentations and tutorials. Regardless of your plant’s requirements, there is an ultrasound solution to improve your operations.

Certified Inspector Training

Certified Inspector Training

SDT offers year-round ANST Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Inspector Training and ISO CAT I Ultrasound Certification courses. Our expert instructors have experience in many different industries. The courses are designed to build your confidence in ultrasound and help apply that knowledge in your facility. With a mix of theory and hands-on sessions, you walk away with a greater understanding of how ultrasound solutions will work for you.

On-Site Implementation Training

On-Site Implementation Training

Sometimes, the best training is conducted in person. Regardless of your plant’s unique requirements, there is an ultrasound solution to improve your operations, and an in-person training session helps determine your needs.

There’s no better way to customize your ultrasound program than to have a certified instructor assisting you on-site. Your instructor walks you through the ultrasound applications within your plant and helps you develop a condition-based monitoring program.

SDT-IMCS Certified Training

SDT-IMCS Training for certified operator

SDT International S.A. organizes a series of training sessions to allow delegates to become "Certified Operator qualified for ultrasonic hatch cover tightness testing with the Class Type Approved Sherlog Master ". The training was developed in a way to cover all the required topics under IACS UR Z17 in a 2 day training course.

Establishing Ultrasound Testing As A CBM Pillar – Part 1:

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“Thanks to SDT for providing an excellent equipment and training which allowed Vetropack to find large savings potential and to start with solving the problems immediately already during the inspection. Many thanks to Haris and Danko, for sharing with us priceless experience and knowledge. And of course also for a great time outside the work place. I'm looking forward to our future cooperation! ”

Marin Martinaga - Vetropack Group Energy Manager

“My team, which consist different specialists (mechanical, electrical and chemical) and who did not have almost any previous experience with ultrasound diagnostics, gained a valuable experience and we were trained to start using the SDT270 in minimum period of time. Training was well prepared, interesting and focused to specific tasks that are useful for our facilities. ”

Branimir Kostić - Lead Engineer for Steam Systems at NIS

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