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1-Day Maintenance & Reliability Workshop


A reliable asset is one that delivers its full value whenever required. A reliable car transports us where we want, when we want. Reliable people show up on-time and do what they say they will do. And reliable machines output their engineered value allowing manufacturers to ship high-quality products profitably.

What is lost when reliability falters? How about confidence, integrity, and time?

Asset Condition Management

World class manufacturers commit tremendous resources to manage the condition of their assets. Their goal is reliability. Three condition monitoring technologies, Ultrasound, and Precision Alignment, and Vibration Analysis, work cohesively to deliver reliability and fulfill this investment goal.

Join SDT and Benchmark PDM across Canada as they showcase the latest in ultrasound, vibration and laser alignment technologies. Learn new techniques and trends in predictive maintenance and take the opportunity to try out great equipment with hands-on sessions in this one-day workshop.

Workshop Locations and Registration

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Friday April 5, 2019 Leduc, AB Register