The new SDT Ultranalysis® Suite 3 software offers more than ever and answers daily needs of Condition Monitoring and Reliability engineers: actionable conclusions based on concludable data.
More data is always a good news, but good data is surely an excellent news when you need your software to be your Strategy Center.
UAS3 provides great flexibility for any type and combination of assets by being compatible with SDT 340, LUBExpert and SDT 270, making your monitoring and analysis much easier and you assets safe.


Flexibility and proper management of your asset database is achieved through hierarchical tree structure, tree structures grouped in data folders (unlimited tree structures and data folders), tasks managed through work order/surveys, predefined interval for data collection, detailed measurement point settings, detailed events log.

As a result: all available information about asset itself, planned tasks, collected data and asset health indications are easily accessible for each asset, assets group or plant section.

Modern Reliability improvement approach considers multiple Condition Monitoring technologies as one group and Lubrication department as another one, those become inseparable when conclusion of asset health needs to be delivered.

In synergy of proactive and predictive, UAS3 enables you to have a complete overview:

  • Is my data valid?

That should be the first concern.
UAS3 provides sensor identification, amplification in moment of measurement, calibration data, acquisition time, operator, date and time, location … make sure all match and move on to the next steps:

  • Is Ultrasound, Vibration, and Temperature data within expected limits?
  • Is any of those values showing any change?
  • Is the asset OK?

Those three questions are critical and need to be answered fast and with confidence.
UAS3 provides meaningful indicators for primary data overview through triggered alarms and clear and customizable trends.
Alarms play important role in efficient Condition Monitoring and UAS3 alarms will trigger on each of 81 different values for each measurement point (where Ultrasound, Vibration and Temperature is measured), guarding the health of your asset and notifying you on exceeded values or suspicious change in trend. 81 guardians properly set to look in the right direction.

How easy and fast you can answer to “Is the asset OK?” question makes a huge difference, allowing you to focus on assets that really need your attention. UAS3 is your filter, to make it easy.

If the asset “Is not OK”, and we are talking about rotating machinery, it is common (and correct) to check first Lubrication as possible cause.
UAS3 enables you to have an easy access to your LUBExpert team data and eliminate or accept Lubrication condition as possible cause of anomaly. Equally, your LUBExpert team will provide indication for suspected bearing failures, all in one common UAS3 Strategy Center.

If, and when, it comes to the point that there is enough indication to look at the data deeper, your Ultrasound and Vibration data is represented in Time Domain and Spectrum. UAS3 is equipped with all needed tools to perform reliable analysis and deliver actionable conclusion. Your analytic workspace contains list of highest impacts, cursor data, ∆ time of frequency between impacts or events, marker details and analytic tools such as periodic cursors, delta cursors and markers.
Once your analysis is done, you can export the plot and add it to your report.

Additionally, your UAS3 will display all events, observations and messages logged during the field work (both automatic and manually added) and during office work, such as lubrication need, alarm triggering, oil levels, operational anomalies, and maintenance activities. All this information can play critical role in analysis as each event explaining circumstances can give more meaning to any signal.
If it is recorded and displayed, of course. UAS3 does exactly that.

The entire process is simplified:

  • strategy needs to be built
  • tasks executed
  • results reviewed and conclusions delivered
  • process controlled
  • strategy adjusted

It is not an easy task, but it does not need to be painful and hard one. With right tool, UAS3, you can focus on what really matters – delivering benefit to your organization.

UAS3 is the product of the needs of those who use it.
At the end of the day, it is all about you.