LUBExpert Dynamic is a new option (key) available on the LUBExpert.

Basically, LUBExpert is doing the job through an algorithm, through all rules and paths already implemented in it, while, with the Dynamic option, it also collects Dynamic data in the background.

What does it mean?

One person only, the lubrication technician, does all the work of collecting data, during the same working hours as before, while providing useful information for both the lubrication and condition monitoring team. No additional attention or action are needed and no extra time is required to collect double data with LUBExpert Dynamic.

Dynamic data is shown in UAS3 software just like any other Dynamic data, in Time and Frequency domain. LUBExpert Dynamic offers the possibility to precisely adjust your strategy, providing a more complete insight into a bearings’ response to lubricant. At the same time, troubleshooting is enhanced by the additional Dynamic data. A clearer understanding about a bearing’s behavior is heard and seen by the time waveform and spectrum data.

LUBExpert Dynamic lifts up the role of the Lubrication technician and, at the same time, becomes an integral member of the Condition Monitoring team.

The dual reliability benefit is time savings and removal of information silos. The Lubrication team can now collect data for the Condition Monitoring team without duplicating the job, making, at the same time, asset condition information transparent.

While LUBExpert bridged the gap between Lubrication and Condition Monitoring, LUBExpert Dynamic removes that gap entirely.