Has the term “Medieval” ever been used to describe practices and procedures within your company’s maintenance department?

Synonymous with antiquated tools and outdated techniques, medieval maintenance departments experience higher than average downtime, less asset availability, unmet production targets, lower asset lifecycle, and safety violations contributing to lost time due to injury, or worse.

The word “Medieval” spawns from the Latin “medium aevum” or “Middle Ages”, a time falling between the decline of the Roman Empire and the beginnings of early modern Europe. Historians also call this era the Dark Ages, aptly describing a civilization in disarray, where life was cheap and often cut tragically short.

One symbol of protection descending from the Middle Ages is the knight in shining armour. Knights were elite fighters and considered by their Lords as the first line of defence. Symbolic with honour, nobility, trust, and integrity, these sentinels stood Vigilant over populations keeping them safe from harm while allowing them to carry about their day-to-day activities.

monitorización condición en línea

At SDT, our newest solution celebrates the medieval knight for his service to maintaining order while protecting the kingdom’s assets. Vigilant is a continuous, permanent monitoring system that combines the versatility of ultrasound with the analytics of vibration. With trending and analysis software embedded inside each Vigilant pod, condition monitoring teams gain access to critical motors, guarded gearboxes, robotics, and CNC machines, MCC panels, and assets in remote locations.

The time has come to move your condition monitoring department out of the dark ages. It’s time to get Vigilant.

You can Hear More about Vigilant by visiting https://www.bevigilant.io, https://sdtultrasound.com/products/permanent-monitoring/vigilant/