SonaVu™, the premiere acoustic imaging camera from the world’s favourite ultrasound company.

SonaVu™ detects sources of airborne ultrasound using its 112 highly sensitive ultrasound sensors from up to 50 metres (164 feet) away. Defects are shown on visual images allowing operators to easily pinpoint faults that produce ultrasound. SonaVu™ brings the power of superhuman hearing to focus on its vibrant 5” color display.

SonaVu™ is an acoustic imaging camera that visualizes airborne ultrasound from compressed air and gas leaks, as well as dangerous partial discharge in electrical assets.


Compressed Air Leak Management with SonaVu™


Compressed air systems are integral to modern manufacturing. More often than not, compressed air systems are poorly maintained and full of leaks. Leaking compressed air systems can impact product quality and detract from production efficiency.

It’s a wonder that compressed air systems are neglected when they are a pivotal element of production.

Compressed air leaks account for as much as 35-40% of total demand. That’s 35-40% of your electricity wasted for nothing.

Problems from inefficient compressed air system aren’t always immediately noticeable to maintenance professionals, but over time, compounding waste energy adds up.

With SonaVu™, finding leaks has never been easier. Maintenance practitioners can perform air leak surveys utilizing SonaVu™ acoustic imaging camera and SDT LEAKChecker.

Connecting it with the high-quality noise attenuating headphones, you can hear what SonaVu™ hears. Listen for the characteristic hissing of the compressed air leaks in the headphones and watch the touchscreen color display light up with the precise location of the leak.

Inspectors document leaks by taking a picture or video with SonaVu™, providing an easy roadmap for repair crews to make things right again. Choose to create a still image (camera icon) or a video (video icon) for generating leak survey reports. SonaVu™ saves the leak image in either photo or video format.

SonaVu™ makes locating leaks in your compressed air system – wherever they may occur – effortless, and even fun.

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