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SonaVu™, the premiere acoustic imaging camera from the world’s favourite ultrasound company. SonaVu™ detects sources of airborne ultrasound using its 112 highly sensitive ultrasound sensors from up to 50 [...]

mei 28th, 2021|Categories: Productnieuws, Sonavu|

SDT Ultranalysis® Suite 3 Software

The new SDT Ultranalysis® Suite 3 software offers more than ever and answers daily needs of Condition Monitoring and Reliability engineers: actionable conclusions based on concludable data. More data [...]

mei 28th, 2021|Categories: Productnieuws|

SDT Releases Significant LUBExpert/UAS2 Update

An ultrasound solution to Grease Bearings Right SDT Ultrasound Solutions announced significant updates to its award-winning LUBExpert, a solution that guides lubrication technicians to grease bearings right. LUBExpert [...]

mei 28th, 2021|Categories: Productnieuws|

SDT Announces the SDT340 and UAS4.0

A cloud connected condition monitoring solution SDT, the world's favourite Ultrasound Solutions company has done it again with another significant product release — their fourth in a span of 18 [...]

mei 28th, 2021|Categories: Productnieuws|

Medieval Maintenance

Has the term “Medieval” ever been used to describe practices and procedures within your company’s maintenance department? Synonymous with antiquated tools and outdated techniques, medieval maintenance departments experience higher [...]

mei 28th, 2021|Categories: Productnieuws|

LUBExpert Dynamic

LUBExpert Dynamic is a new option (key) available on the LUBExpert. Basically, LUBExpert is doing the job through an algorithm, through all rules and paths already implemented in it, [...]

mei 28th, 2021|Categories: Productnieuws|

LUBExpert – The Difference is in the Details

Anyone passionate about creating a world-class lubrication program realizes that ultrasound technology is the best tool for executing the replenishment task with precision. But which ultrasound instrument works best? [...]

mei 28th, 2021|Categories: Productnieuws|


SDT Ultrasound Solutions proudly presents a brand-new range of permanent ultrasonic sensors: We call these condition monitoring sensors “CONMONSense” and they are ready for the IIOT revolution. [...]

mei 28th, 2021|Categories: Productnieuws|
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