Haris: Hello Ken, how are you?

Ken: I’m great Haris, nice to see you this Monday.

Haris: So, new Monday, new coffee and a little bit more of lubrication

Ken: fantastic, I think it’s time for our coffee this week.

Haris: Yes, excellent. So, it’s becoming a tradition here, that’s very nice.

Ken: Absolutely, so, let’s pick up from what we left off last week. What do you mean by letting culture in, instead of building it?

Haris: Well, It is just a thought about a possible different approach, but it may sound interesting

Ken: What is it about? Letting if in from where?

Haris: When you look at each individual, each and every one of us, and our private life … all the things we need to take care about, it is quite impressive. Home, kids, school, finances, home appliances, maintenance of, car, human relationships, time management, purchasing things, throwing things away, driving kids to some additional activities, energy saving… when you think about it… it is an extremely complicated operation. Still, each of us (with more or less success) manages it. So, in your private life you are manufacturing, maintenance, purchase, finances, HR, trainings, energy department,… you are an entire company. Well, how do we do all that? It looks to me like lots of Asset Managements skills, lots of Reliability in there, do you agree?

Ken: When you put it this way … yes, it sure does.

Haris: Now, I do not think that my grandmother ever took any of the Asset Management or Reliability training back in 1920s, still she managed through 3 wars, being widow with 4 kids,… but somehow she managed it all. From my point of view, that makes her highly skilled… at the level of certified Asset Manager or Reliability engineer. My father learned that from her, I learned it from my parents … I am trying to teach my own kids, the same work we all do.

Ken: Hm … this now sounds quite interesting

Haris: Yes it is. It can used in industry very well. So, in my humble opinion, it’s not scientifically tested but we see it every day, there is a very interesting question to ask before engaging culture issue: If all of our employees possess all this Reliability culture already, why does it stay on a parking lot and doesn’t come in the factory with them every morning? Basically, for me, and it’s very sad, it looks like we somehow throw away everything they learned, we try to teach them something they already mastered long ago. Private mindset of Reliability Culture. They know it all, they know the concept. What worries me is … what and when made them leave it all out of the company gate?

Ken: That is a huge waste

Haris: It is, it is an enormous waste. We should not be starting from zero, we should be starting from the point that already includes all basic mechanisms and, probably, the most important word … care. It includes that people care about their assets.

Ken: How do we make them care about assets in the company?

Haris: That’s the difficult part, but there are some steps we can do: involve them, invest in them, talk to them. And the three key words are: Explain, listen, and train. That should be a mantra, always.

Ken: Is that how culture is built, by letting it back in?

Haris: I don’t think that it can be entirely accomplished by that. But, it can be a very important part and make process much easier. It is very positive and motivating when you explain people that they already know a lot, and that they already possess great skills. It’s flattering!

There are many other elements of culture building, and among the strongest tool, there is the positive example from the top. You can never build culture if there is no sense of belonging, and clear understanding of why well being of each employee is directly correlated with well being of the company and the other way around. It is a universal rule, in all societies, all mentalities, and in all political environments, you can take it anywhere actually.

Ken: I see how it applies to lubrication practice, it resolves many problems

Haris: Yes, if you put it in lubrication practice, it is very powerful. You are absolutely right, it is powerful tool.

Ken: Before we continue about LUBExpert, how about talking about lubricants themselves? By the way, you know what, I feel like jumping from all this coffee … how about the ice cream?

Haris: I agree. And, you know what, that’s a great idea, I know just the right guy for ice cream and Lubrication combination that can help us a lot!

Ken: Alright, so… until next time!