About us

The History of SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Over their 49 year history SDT Ultrasound Solutions has made it their priority to listen to the needs of their customers and to develop useful solutions in concert with real industry demands. Their journey began in 1975 when, victim of the oil crisis, SDT founder Joseph-Henri DEGRAEVE launched his ultrasound adventure.

Intrigued by technology, Joseph spent much of his time in the field interacting with industry people. Through these privileged contacts and his unique imagination DEGRAEVE pioneered a product range that has forever changed the reliability landscape.

Today, under the leadership of Joseph’s son, his passion lives on. SDT remains a family company still very much in touch with its past, eager to innovate in step with technology while staying closely tied to its global client base.

History of SDT

“Around the world, we provide our clients with a network of over 300 agents listening to industry. We provide ultrasound solutions that give our customers a greater understanding about the health of their factory. We help them predict failures, control energy costs and improve product quality while contributing to the overall uptime of their assets.”

André DEGRAEVE – Managing Director

The SDT family

One of our vision statements is to continue pushing the boundaries of ultrasound and condition monitoring while setting the example for our competitors to follow. Our innovative products and rapid product refreshes continue to position SDT as the leader in Ultrasound technology.”

Allan RIENSTRA – Manager of International Business Development

History of SDT

The SDT Values


  • We will treat others as we expect and want to be treated in return.
  • We will earn and preserve their loyalty.
  • We will do all that is necessary to preserve the livelihood of our company and protect the stakeholders that make us great.
  • We will respect the standards and rules that apply to our activities.
  • Finally, we will respect the environment in all our activities.


  • We remain open to new ideas and adaptable to the inevitability of change.
  • We are approachable to our customers no matter where in the world they are.
  • We offer flexibility to our employee’s work schedule.
  • Finally, this core value serves us well when faced with complex situations and gives priority to the way we serve our customers.


  • We produce products that are simple, necessary, and solve real problems.
  • We will not complicate our solutions with features that offer no intrinsic value to the user’s experience.
  • We strive to make doing business with SDT easy and straightforward.
  • Finally, we remain simple, accessible and humble; eager to learn and to question ourselves.