Reducing your energy costs is a difficult challenge faced by many industries in today’s economy.

But, it doesn’t have to be.

Undetected air or steam leaks, bearing failures and electrical panel faults cost you real money. However, there’s a way to cut these extra expenses from your energy bill.

Preserve the health of your assets with the SDT200 ultrasound detector. Hear air leaks, trend and monitor the condition of your bearings, safely inspect electrical panels and schedule repairs on your own terms, long before they shut you down – all with ultrasound technology.

sdt200 case

Speak with a Specialist about
Ultrasound Technology

Speak with a Specialist about
Ultrasound Technology

Improve asset reliability with your SDT200:

Mechanical Condition Monitoring
Identify early-stage bearing defects to prevent unplanned failures.
Bearing Lubrication Monitoring
The right amount of lubricant at the right interval
Compressed Air & Gas Leak Detection
Find Air Leaks. Decrease Energy Consumption. Maximize Uptime.
Electrical Equipment Fault Detection
Safely Inspect Electrical Systems with Ultrasound.
Steam Trap Testing and Maintenance
Keep Your Steam Clean, Safe And Energy-Efficient.
Hydraulic Systems Monitoring
Detect leakage, by-passing and blockages.
Valve Condition Monitoring
When your valves are closed, are they really closed?
Tightness Testing
Ultrasonic tightness testing offers a complete, global solution with unheard-of accuracy and reliability.
SDT200 Holster

A holster is available as accessory to protect and keep clean the SDT200.

The heavy-duty nylon holster for the SDT200 prevents dust ingress, and general wear and tear, while keeping the encased ultrasound unit clean.


Contact sensors

RS2T threaded sensor


RS2T threaded sensor


RS2N Threaded Sensor


Airborne sensors







SDT200 Datasheet

SDT200 Datasheet

 SDT200 Brochure

SDT200 Brochure

SDT200 Manual

SDT200 Manual

SDT200 Pictures

SDT200 Pictures

SDT200 Software

SDT200 Software

SDT200 Brochure SDT200 Manual SDT200 Pictures SDT200 Softwares

On-board measurements
Ultrasound, Vibration, Infrared temperature and Tachometer.

External Sensors
2 ports (Lemo 7pin connector)

Data Logger SS/SD
At least 4000 Static measurements spread over 1000 locations.

Data Logger DD
idem SS/DD plus 15,000 seconds of Dynamic data @8k sampling rate or 3,700 seconds for 32k

Data Logger SU/DU
At least 10,000 Static measurements and 15,000 seconds of Dynamic measurements @8k sampling rate or 3,700 seconds @32k spread over 10,000 locations

USB Interface

Auto Power Down
After preset time – adjustable by user

Response Time
<9 milliseconds

Class I instrument exceeding ASTM 1002-11 requirements for gas leak detection with the appropriate sensor.

High quality industrial headset having a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 dB

Intrinsically Safe
ATEX certification meets directive 94/9/EC (II 1 G Ex ia IIC T3/T2 Ga) comparable to Class I, Div 1, groups A, B, C & D Recognized by CSA

Extruded Aluminum

226 x 90 x 40mm (8.9 x 3.54 x 1.57 inches)

30g /29.3oz (with battery & holster)

High quality industrial headset having a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 dB

Battery Pack
Rechargeable 8 cell 4.8v, 4600mAh NIMH