Partnered Ultrasound

Partner with SDT for your Ultrasound Condition Monitoring Program 

When implemented into a condition monitoring program, ultrasound contributes to reliability by providing insight about the health of assets, reducing energy waste, improving product quality and throughput, and most importantly, reducing safety risks. Factories and facilities worldwide have embraced ultrasound into their reliability initiatives and felt the benefits it can bring. There is huge upside for companies who are serious about establishing an ultrasound condition monitoring program at a high level. 

Of course, if it was easy, everyone would do it. If it was easy, you would have done it already. Successful implementation requires commitment from both manpower and budget. The barriers that threaten to derail your efforts are numerous. The triple threat to success is lack of planning, inexperience, and resistance to accept the changes needed to drive positive culture change.

To overcome these barriers SDT created a PARTNERED approach to sustained program implementation. We believe that the burden of success is not yours alone, but rests on the shoulders of both client and solutions provider.

Why Partner with SDT for your Reliability Journey 

Some companies believe it is okay to just make the sale and provide a little hand-holding upon delivery. Driven by commissions, the salesperson is programmed to get the order as quickly and cost effectively as possible; then begin the search for the next customer. The customer accepts that they will have to go it alone; and accepts that living with some unfulfilled expectations is part of doing business.

Research shows that 70% of reliability initiatives fail due to lack of planning, experience and leadership. Reliability has been a certain way for so long, and a lack of drive for reliability culture change is the direct result as to why so many initiatives fail in the first few months.

PARTNERED Ultrasound is a roadmap that allows us to join hands with select customers to create something really special. We help plan, implement, and maintain your ultrasound program for life. Together we create a strategy for success mapped to your outcomes.

Training and Implementation

Your Partnered Ultrasound program’s roadmap to success follows three milestones each with their own series of tollgates.  

The first 6 months is the most intensive leg of the journey. There are three tollgates in this milestone. With much to cover expect a lot of interaction with SDT in the first 6 months. 

  1. Readiness Assessment
  2. Alignment Meeting
  3. Training at all Levels, Types, and Stakeholders

Tollgate 1 – Readiness Assessment

Tollgate 2 – Create Alignment by asking yourself these 5 questions

  1. What are we setting out to accomplish?
  2. What are we attempting to change?
  3. Who do we need on our side?
  4. What are our primary pain points?
  5. How will we measure, and celebrate, success?

Tollgate 3

The culmination and integration of the learning, gathered experiences and culture change from reactive to proactive maintenance. 

  • Measure wins
  • See the return on investment
  • Continue your Ultrasound Training, begin vibration training
  • Receive mentoring through webinars, WebHouse Training and monthly site visits

Programs that arrive at Milestone 3 are judged as world-class. SDT’s scorecard charts progress throughout the journey. Stakeholders take opportunities here to share their wins publicly. Together with SDT we create case histories that celebrate wins. Share your wisdom at national and international conferences where your program receives recognition and competes for industry awards. 

Throughout your journey SDT is always present. Monthly site visit serve several purposes. We provide mentorship while demystifying the technology for new team members. We walk your plant surveys with you and adjusts them if required. New team members are trained. The scorecard is reviewed and updated, and we ensure the proper working condition of your ultrasound assets. 

Ultrasound Applications 

Ultrasound detectors

Eight Ultrasound Application Pillars define the usefulness of UT. They are:

These applications deliver potential benefits that include advanced asset reliability, higher equipment availability, improved product quality and throughput, elevated safety, less energy consumption, lower carbon footprint, and a reliability culture contagion desired by every manufacturer. The versatility of UT makes it the first line of defense for organizations seeking world-class asset reliability.

The Bottom Line 

Companies in pursuit of Reliability Excellence need ultrasound testing (Ut) as part of their Asset Condition Management strategy. The benefits and barriers are well documented. 

A “go-it-alone” deployment approach requires significant upfront investment with no guarantee of success. Tens of thousands of dollars are spent before any meaningful return on investment is realized. Poor planning, lack of leadership, and failure to communicate results, all add unexpected pressures that threaten program sustainability. 

SDT’s Partnered Ultrasound takes advantage of low monthly operational costs to implement an ultrasound program worth bragging about. The burden for achieving success is shared equally between solution provider and customer. We forge a partnership for our client’s success and together navigate the journey to a world-class ultrasound program.