Valve Condition Monitoring

Valves control your processes. But when you lose your valves, you lose control.

Detect Valve Leaks and Blockages, Maintain Flow, Prevent Waste

Valves play a crucial role in the transportation of gas, oil and water throughout your plant. They start and stop flow while also preventing backflow and regulating flow and pressure. 

They can be found in the hundreds and even thousands at large facilities. Steel, pulp, food and pharmaceutical as well as other industrial facilities installed on their pipes. So, when valves fail or leak it will result in the loss of energy, product quality and can also lead to potential downtime.

Whether it’s internal or external leaks, or issues with flow regulation, valve leaks are a threat to your factory processes. A major component to a plants efficiency is valves operating properly. As a result, ultrasonic inspection can quickly identify function and malfunctioning valves. So they can be tagged and repaired quickly to avoid diminished production. 

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Knowing your system, the types of valves, how they work and what jobs they do is the first step in valve maintenance.

Knowing a valve’s job will allow you to determine the potential defects being either leaks or blockages. 

   Questions concerning Valve Condition Monitoring

The efficient operation of valves is a critical component of a plant’s efficiency. Ultrasonic inspection can thus rapidly detect both functional and faulty valves. So, they can be quickly identified and repaired to minimize a loss of productivity due to stopped machines.

Valves should be properly closed in order to stop flow while also preventing backflow and regulating flow and pressure. If they are not, it will result in waste (energy, pressure), flow disturbance and possible downtime.

By using ultrasound devices such as the SDT340 or the TRAPChecker, you can easily monitor valves and quickly identify if they are functioning correctly. This way, you can avoid unexpected leaks or fails that would diminish production.

The best Ultrasound Device for Valve Condition Monitoring


Detect, Measure and Analyze Ultrasound and Vibration with the SDT340, SDT latest and most advanced Ultrasound Detector.

Build trend graphs that trigger alarms and collect dynamic data for advanced time waveform analysis.

Steam checker

TRAPChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to assess the condition of steam traps and valves.

It is Focused, Simple and Affordable.


A turn-key condition monitoring solution combining the versatility of ultrasound, the analytics of vibration, standard communication protocols and an embedded trending and analysis software.