Manage your leaks

LEAKReporter is a mobile app and a web-platform to detect, log, and generate reports that show how your initiatives contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Real time repairs monitoring

Log-in to our web interface to manage your surveys, get access to the datas collected on site and monitor the status of the repairs in real time.


Don’t waste countless hours creating reports and documenting leaks. It is done in 5 fast, easy steps within the LEAKReporter app.

  • Create a survey and thoroughly inspect your factory for leaks.

  • Document your findings with pictures, input the ultrasonic readings.

  • Use measurements to estimate the cost impact of leaks.

  • Synchronise your completed survey with the web browser.

  • Generate comprehensive reports and share your wins throughout your organization.

SDT consultation

Consultation With SDT:

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LEAKReporter CMS 2.0

The ultimate tool to fight against energy waste.

Analyze your data in the homepage and single survey dashboards, there you can have a full overview of the work done, the actual and potential savings in your currency and in m3 and a retro active time frame so you don’t leave any leak unrepaired