LUBExpert Implementation Master Class

Lubexpert training

Get the most from your LUBExpert Solution with a Master Class tailored to your specific needs.

SDT’s selection of training courses now includes the LUBExpert Implementation Master Class. Designed to provide both foundational and practical knowledge necessary to implement a world-class bearing lubrication program with your own LUBExpert.

This Master Class contains our complete LUBExpert body of knowledge. Customized to your unique requirements, each module contains critical information for every LUBExpert team member.

Its modular approach makes LUBExpert Implementation Master Class the ideal training for each stakeholder. Adjusted to your needs, this training aims to provide the right expertise to the right person, depending on each one involvement in the lubrication practice.

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Flexible Delivery Methods

Choose the delivery method that best suits your needs:

  • On-site
  • Online
  • Hybrid – includes a mixture of classroom and practical field work

Meet the Certified Trainers

The SDT family
The SDT family

Get Certified

Each module offers an optional exam to earn the LUBExpert Implementation Master Class certificate and become a LUBExpert!

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LUBExpert Implementation Master Class

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