The SDT Checker Range

Focused, Simple and Affordable

Ultrasound detectors for every application and budget. Which Checker is right for you?

With a focused solution for every problem, the Checker range makes ultrasound available to everyone. Choose the right tool for the right job and perform fast troubleshooting inspections. As a first defense against breakdown, Checkers identify defects quick and early, allowing for deeper analysis and trending with an SDT270 or SDT340.
Ideal for reliability departments adopting operator driven reliability (ODR), Checkers engage any stakeholder who is responsible for ensuring reliable operation of their assets prior to, during, and after their shift.

Which Checker is Right for You?

Find leaks… Cut costs

Grease bearings right

Keep your traps shut

Everything leaks…

When hatch cover tightness matters

Check Everything

Checker Range firmware update

Visualize your ultrasound data in real time!
SDT has updated the Checker range adding a streaming screen that streams measurements in a continuous histogram. To update the firmware, download the SDT Updater software, run the setup and install it. Once the software is activated, connect the SDT Checker via the provided USB cable to your computer and turn it on.
Windows automatically installs the driver necessary for the recognition of the Checker.
To switch between the default and streaming screens, press the on/off button of your Checker.