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Manage your leaks

Track Leaks
Localizing leaks can be done with an SDT Ultrasound Detector, even in the loudest factory. Plug in your sensor, scan and detect leaks.
Document findings
The LEAKReporter app allows for easy leak documentation. Take a picture of any leak within the app and input its ultrasonic reading.
Create Surveys
LEAKReporter makes the transition from creating surveys within the app or web browser, to searching for leaks out in the field fast and easy.
Generate reports
LEAKReporter takes all the labour, time and effort out of generating reports. Plug in your findings and let LEAKReporter create comprehensive, detailed reports for you.
Master your system
Know your compressed air system in and out.
Dictate your leaks, don’t let them dictate them you.
Maximise uptime
Don’t waste countless hours creating reports and documenting leaks. It is done in 5 fast, easy steps within the LEAKReporter app. Use your time savings for more meaningful work.

Quickly report a leak in 5 steps :

Save time and money with fast and comprehensive leak reports
  1. Create a survey and thoroughly inspect your factory for leaks.
  2. Document your findings with pictures, input the ultrasonic readings.
  3. Use measurements to estimate the cost impact of leaks.
  4. Synchronise your completed survey with the web browser.
  5. Generate comprehensive reports and share your wins throughout your organization.

Real time repairs monitoring

Save time and money with fast and comprehensive leak reports

Log-in to our web interface to manage your surveys, get access to the datas collected on site and monitor the status of the repairs in real time.

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