Ultrasound software

Data collected by Lube team is exactly the data Condition Monitoring needs as a first line of defense, a kind of triage, because the data they collected and the way it was collected is the same trending data Ultrasound Condition Monitoring team needs as a trigger for deeper look and analysis.

UAS3 enables you to have easy access to your LUBExpert data and eliminate or accept Lubrication condition as possible cause of anomaly. Equally, your LUBExpert will provide automatic indication for suspected bearing failures, all in one common UAS3 Strategy Center.

UAS3 is equipped with all needed tools to perform reliable analysis and deliver actionable conclusion.


With potentially thousands of assets to manage, how can you be sure you’re greasing the right bearings?

LUBExpert’s onboard assistant guides you through your plant using Ultranalysis® Suite 3 (UAS3)’s tree structured navigation.

As a result: all available information about asset itself, planned tasks, collected data and asset health indications easily accessible for each asset, assets group or plant section.


Whether you lubricate on a calendar-based or condition-based schedule, LUBExpert and Ultranalysis® Suite 3 alert you when bearings are due for relubrication.

Alarms triggered by SDT’s evolutionary FOUR CONDITION INDICATORS make sure the “squeaky wheel” gets the grease on time. UAS3 provides meaningful indicators for primary data overview through triggered alarms and clear and customizable trends.


LUBExpert delivers confidence to the task of re-greasing bearings. Activities are tied back into UAS3 data management software where logical reports illustrate before and after, quantity of grease added per point, and total grease consumed by department or plant.