SDT International SA, a global leader in ultrasound solutions for energy management and condition-based maintenance applications, is pleased to announce its transition to a new cutting-edge solution in collaboration with HANGZHOU CRYSOUND ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.

This collaboration marks a significant step in SDT International SA’s ongoing commitment to providing customers with the most innovative and high-performance solutions.

The new solution, replacing the previous offering, represents a remarkable advancement in compressed air leak and partial discharge detection technology within industrial environments. This solution is the culmination of the expertise of SDT International SA and HANGZHOU CRYSOUND ELECTRONICS CO., LTD, two renowned players in the acoustic detection field.

The collaboration is spearheaded by the respective CEOs, André DEGRAEVE for SDT International SA, and Jason CAO for HANGZHOU CRYSOUND ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Together, they will offer a revolutionary ultrasonic range of acoustic cameras that excels in sensitivity, durability, and versatility.

CRYSOUND Acoustic Imager

Benoit Degraeve from SDT International SA and Jason Cao from HANGZHOU CRYSOUND ELECTRONICS CO., LTD shaking hands after signing their collaboration agreement.


André DEGRAEVE, CEO of SDT International SA, commented, “This transition to our new solution underscores our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. We are confident that this new solution will provide our customers with more precise and reliable detection, contributing to their energy-saving goals. Its price and manufacturing quality immediately convinced us that it was, in our opinion, by far the most successful solution on the market.”

Jason CAO, CEO of HANGZHOU CRYSOUND ELECTRONICS CO., LTD, added, “We are thrilled to collaborate with SDT International SA to offer a cutting-edge solution that pushes the boundaries of ultrasonic technology. Our dedication to innovation and quality is evident in every aspect of this new ultrasonic camera.”

The transition to the new solution is aligned with both companies’ shared mission to deliver solutions that cater to the evolving needs of industries while promoting energy efficiency and preventive maintenance for electrical applications.

Expanded Arguments for the Key Points


  • IP54: With a high level of protection (IP54) against dust and humidity, this solution is designed to operate flawlessly in demanding industrial environments.
  • ATEX: The CRY2624 is a portable explosion-proof industrial acoustic imager in ATEX version, suitable for hazardous flammable gases and areas with strict explosion protection restrictions.
  • RUGGED: Made of an aluminum alloy shell, this industrial acoustics imager is robust and adaptable to complex working environments.


  • 128 MEMS: With 128 advanced MEMS sensors, this ultrasonic camera offers ultra-sensitive detection of compressed air leaks with reliable results at a distance range of up to 120 m.
  • FOCUSING FUNCTION: The focusing function eliminates environmental interference, enabling precise identification of leakage sources.
  • INTELLIGENT RECOGNITION: Featuring a PRPD mapping function for partial discharge diagnosis and intelligent gas leak detection.


  • COMPLETE: Range of 3 acoustic cameras easy to use with multiple modes, language support, and expandable memory.
  • REPORTING: Template-based data processing and recording for easy report generation.
  • PRO VERSION: LEAKChecker and LEAKReporter CMS aid in pinpointing leaks and creating reports.


About SDT International SA:

SDT International SA is a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of ultrasonic measuring devices dedicated to energy savings and condition-based maintenance solutions, offering cutting-edge technologies to address diverse industry needs.


HANGZHOU CRYSOUND ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is a Global leading provider of acoustic testing solutions with more than 25 years of continuous efforts. CRYSOUND provides professional acoustic services to solve the world’s most complicated acoustic testing challenges for the industry. They are committed to realizing their mission to make acoustic measurements easier than ever.