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Lifetime Warranty

SDT Products are built to last a LIFETIME…
and so is our WARRANTY.


It’s a fact. Your ultrasound hardware will wear. Your inspectors will break it, and from time to time it will need calibration, maintenance, and upkeep to stay working like new. It’s called wear and tear, and it’s perfectly normal. But it also carries a cost that is sometimes unpredictable.

SDT’s Limited Lifetime Warranty removes the guesswork. Our program is designed to shift the worry from your shoulders to ours.

Maintaining your ultrasound equipment has never been easier, or more hassle free.

You have two responsibilities:

Register your product


Product Registration

Calibrate annually
(paid service)

Product Calibration

We do the rest.

Repairs, replacements and updates are all covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

You use it, you break it, and we fix it… you’re always covered*.
* limitations apply, see terms and conditions

Products That Last

Our brand is synonymous with endurance. SDT builds products that last a lifetime. We are still servicing instruments we build in the 1980’s! Our reputation for long-lasting products makes us happy to provide a lifetime warranty to our customers.

Dependable Data

It is one thing to build products that last a lifetime. But what happens to their dependability? We all know that over time, assets lose that “just new” feeling. What matters in the world of condition monitoring is data. If you don’t have dependable data, you cannot make hard decisions. Enroll your SDT solution in our Lifetime Warranty and know that with annual calibration, the integrity of your data is sound.

Verified Operations

Dependability extends past the data collector. Your sensors, batteries, charger, headphones, cables must all meet the same verified operations. When you send your equipment for calibration, our technicians make sure everything works like new.

Read the SDT Lifetime Warranty Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions