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Airborne Ultrasound Sensors

Enhance Your Ultrasound Solution With Precise Sensors

Don’t wait for a failure. Reactive maintenance cuts into your production time and your profits.

Integrate ultrasound into your regular maintenance program in order to detect leaks before they happen and manage the condition of your assets.

When there’s a need to identify leaks from a distance or in a location where contact sensors won’t work, airborne ultrasound sensors are the ideal enhancement for your ultrasound solution. Combine airborne ultrasound sensors with your SDT270 or SDT200 to hear leaks and pinpoint their location.

Airborne sensors optimize the following ultrasonic applications:

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Steam Trap Calculator:

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Flexible Sensor

Flexible Sensor

The Flexible Sensor is designed to make airborne ultrasound detection as easy as possible. This sensor is mounted to the end of a flexible, metal tube. Compatible with both the SDT270 and the SDT200, the Flexible Sensor bends, allowing you to shape the tube to fit your needs.

ParaDish2 Sensor

ParaDish2 Sensor

The ParaDish2 works with the SDT270 and the SDT200. It makes long-distance ultrasonic detection possible, allowing you to hear ultrasound waves from more than 300 feet away. It’s equipped with an optical viewfinder and integrated laser pointer.

Air Mass Flow Sensor

Extended Distance Sensor

Screwed onto the internal sensor of the SDT ultrasonic sensors, this accessory significantly increases the sensitivity of the sensor and thus facilitates the detection of ultrasound at a distance of 50 feet , maintaining the required level of accuracy.

AIRsense Sensor

AIRsense Sensor

With the SDT340 or the ULTRAChecker, the AIRsense can be used for close and mid-range airborne ultrasound and is compatible with the precision indicator set as well as the Extended Distance Sensor. AIRsense is an optional accessory for both ultrasound devices. This new sensor adds a mid-range solution for airborne ultrasound detection for both the SDT340 and ULTRAChecker (FLEX2 for short range and ParaDish2 for long range with SDT340 only). The AIRsense detection range varies from 0-20 feet/0-6 meters and up to 50 feet/15 meters when the EDS cone is attached.

ATEX Certified

ATEX Certified

The Flexible Sensor and ParaDish2 Sensor, when paired with the SDT270, meet the requirements set by ATEX for use in the most dangerous and potentially explosive atmospheres in the world. For the first time ever, ultrasound inspectors working in intrinsically safe-rated zones now have access to the unique and advanced features of the SDT270 and accompanying sensors.

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Doug Stangier

“Our maintenance teams have taken a keen interest in the compatibility of utilizing SDT ultrasound instruments and marrying that technology with vibration analysis to get a deeper understanding of our assets and detecting failures prior to them becoming catastrophic. Outstanding products with outstanding people make SDT an awesome part of the maintenance reliability world.”

Doug Stangier – Maintenance Manager, CMRP CRL

Alexandre Vigean “Ultrasonic measurements can detect potential problems on bearings and also confirm assumptions of wear. These functions were successfully identified by SDT and our team during a survey. With this first experience and equipped with our new instrument, we are now able to propose to our customers a survey of their bearings in order to monitor them and to make an early diagnosis of the state of wear of the rotating elements. ”

Alexandre Vigean – Maintenance Engineer, ThyssenKrupp

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