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Contact Ultrasound Sensors

Hear Inside Your Machinery With Ultrasound Technology

To inspect your equipment, you sometimes need to put “an ear” to the metal.

Machine failures in your plant cause noise-creating vibrations that are nearly impossible to hear without contact ultrasound sensors. Use these sensors in conjunction with your SDT270 or SDT200 ultrasound solutions to create your ideal maintenance programs.

Contact ultrasonic sensors are beneficial for the following applications:

Mobile Equipment Inspections

Mobile Equipment Inspections:

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RS1 Needle Contact Sensor

RS1 Needle Contact Sensor

To accurately measure structure-borne ultrasound waves, choose the RS1 Needle Contact Sensor. Available in three lengths, the sensor helps you hear and collect data when monitoring bearings and equipment in your facility.

RS1 Threaded Sensor

RS1 Threaded Sensor

When you want precise ultrasound data for your permanent mounted machinery, pair the RS1 Threaded Sensor with your ultrasound solution. This sensor connects with the Acoustic Lube Adaptor for condition-based re-lubrication of motor bearings. It also integrates with mounting pads and a magnetic mount for when drilling is not desirable.

ATEX Certified

ATEX Certified

The RS1 Needle Contact and RS1 Threaded sensors, when paired with the SDT270, meet the requirements set by ATEX for use in the most dangerous and potentially explosive atmospheres in the world. For the first time ever, ultrasound inspectors working in intrinsically safe-rated zones now have access to the unique and advanced features of the SDT270 and accompanying sensors.

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Doug Stangier

“Our maintenance teams have taken a keen interest in the compatibility of utilizing SDT ultrasound instruments and marrying that technology with vibration analysis to get a deeper understanding of our assets and detecting failures prior to them becoming catastrophic. Outstanding products with outstanding people make SDT an awesome part of the maintenance reliability world.”

Doug Stangier – Maintenance Manager, CMRP CRL

Alexandre Vigean “Ultrasonic measurements can detect potential problems on bearings and also confirm assumptions of wear. These functions were successfully identified by SDT and our team during a survey. With this first experience and equipped with our new instrument, we are now able to propose to our customers a survey of their bearings in order to monitor them and to make an early diagnosis of the state of wear of the rotating elements. ”

Alexandre Vigean – Maintenance Engineer, ThyssenKrupp

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