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Valve Condition Monitoring

Monitor Valve Leaks With Ultrasound

When your valves are closed, are they really closed?

Working steam traps preserve pure, safe and energy-efficient steam
How can you be sure? When a valve isn’t completely closed it creates ultrasonic turbulence at the source of the leak. SDT’s ultrasound solution hears that turbulence over the noise of the factory.

Whether it’s internal or external leaks, or issues with flow regulation, valve leaks are a threat to your process.

Efficient processes depend on having valves that perform their function properly. Regular ultrasonic inspection quickly identifies which valves are leaking and which ones are closed.

Hear Inside Your Valves With Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound is your greatest asset for valve inspection. With your SDT270 or SDT200 ultrasound detector, you have the ability to find even the smallest valve bypass. Use your ultrasound solution with super-sensitive contact sensors to gain deeper insight about the condition of your valves.

Sensors For Valve Inspection

RS1 Needle Contact Sensor

RS1 Needle Contact Sensor

Pair this sensor with your ultrasound solution to listen for valve leaks.

RS1 Threaded Sensor

RS1 Threaded Sensor

The threaded sensor with magnetic attachment mounts directly on the valve head for hands-free inspection.

Ultranalysis® Suite 2

Powerful software to manage intelligent hardware

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