Smart Ultrasound Condition-Based Lubrication

The LUBExpert ON-GUARD, our smartest lubrication solution, blends automation with precision, reliability, simplicity, and safety. It ensures long-lasting, trouble-free operation of your rotating assets by maintaining optimal lubrication, all through innovative ultrasound measurement technology.

Reliability through Condition-Based Lubrication

As much as 80% of bearing failures are attributed to poor lubrication practices.

The LUBExpert ON-GUARD eliminates the guesswork from this crucial maintenance task by ultrasonically monitoring the friction levels of rotating equipment, and applying lubrication precisely as needed.

Rely on data-driven decisions with the LUBExpert ON-GUARD. Move beyond time-based calculations and embrace a maintenance strategy where precision and accuracy are paramount. This failureless approach acts as a nutritionist for your machines, preventing problems through a personalized, autonomous, and data-driven plan, thereby fortifying operations reliability.

Simple, Smart and Automatic Lubrication

The LUBExpert ON-GUARD keeps things simple. Connect and control your device from anywhere with its built-in web server, accessible through any operating system, including tablets and smartphones. No client software installer, remote cloud services, or additional license are required.

Automatic operation takes center stage as the LUBExpert ON-GUARD handles the intricate task of bearing grease replenishment. This not only reduces workload and grease waste, but also ensures optimal machine performance, improving asset reliability thanks to the SDT LUBrain’s precision lubrication algorithm. The algorithm automates lubrication, injecting grease precisely when needed and in the right quantities.

The LUBExpert ON-GUARD’s intelligent algorithmic operations further simplify maintenance tasks, eliminating the need for training. Ultrasound technology, coupled with the CONMONSense sensors, delivers the right amount of grease based on bearings conditions. The plug & play sensor requires no configuration, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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Safe, Green and All-Inclusive Operations

Prioritize safety with the LUBExpert ON-GUARD, conducting remote grease replenishment to mitigate risks in hazardous environments. Beyond safety, the device promotes a sustainable future with precise control, preventing unnecessary depletion and oversupply.

Indeed, the automatic ultrasound conditional lubrication offered by the LUBExpert ON-GUARD revolutionizes bearing maintenance, offering significant advantages in two key areas: lubricant consumption and electrical energy use. By reducing over-lubrication, this method cuts costs and environmental impact. It also extends bearing life, reducing the need for frequent replacement. In energy terms, conditional lubrication improves efficiency by reducing friction, leading to significant savings in electrical energy, particularly beneficial in large-scale operations. In essence, this approach represents a crucial step towards smarter, more environmentally-friendly maintenance, offering tangible benefits in terms of cost, efficiency and sustainability for modern industries.

The all-inclusive options offered by the LUBExpert ON-GUARD provide an unprecedented level of flexibility empowering the user to choose the optimal lubrication strategy for their factory. With various replenishment modes and triggering options available via the user-friendly web interface, operators can tailor their approach based on machine warranty requirements, the LUBrain algorithm, or discharge duration time.

Security remains key with the LUBExpert ON-GUARD. Your data is stored internally, accessible via MODBUS TCP over the network, reinforcing ownership and control over valuable information. This meticulous approach ensures a secure environment for critical information, aligning with strict data security protocols.

The LUBExpert ON-GUARD marks a turning point in the evolution of lubrication practices, allowing undeniable key elements such as reliability, simplicity and safety to come together in perfect harmony. Its condition-based reliability makes it an indispensable tool in the arsenal of precision maintenance strategies. As industries increasingly face the complexities of modern machinery, the LUBExpert ON-GUARD is your next rugged companion, dedicated to ensuring the longevity of bearings and optimum performance of critical assets.


The LUBExpert ON-GUARD, equipped with 8 analog inputs and relay outputs, is supplied in a steel case available in different sizes to suit the user’s needs.

For simplified, straightforward use, the device is supplied in a kit containing:

  • 8 pair sensor straight shielded cables + lubricator cables, varying in length from 5 to 30 meters
  • 8 CONMONSense true 4-20mA sensors
  • 8 lubricators

Once you’ve received all this, all you have to do is make the connections for the power supply and network, and connect the sensors and lubricators to the machine, and you’re ready to go!


LUBExpert Manual

LUBExpert ON-GUARD Manual

LUBExpert ON-GUARD Datasheet

LUBExpert ON-GUARD Datasheet

LUBExpert Brochure

LUBExpert ON-GUARD Brochure

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LUBExpert Pictures