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Partnered Ultrasound

Advancing Reliability
with Partnered Outcomes.

Ultrasound Testing (UT) is a core part of asset condition monitoring. The advantages to successfully deploy UT are highlighted by its versatility, its short competency curve, and its fast return on investment.


Eight Ultrasound Application Pillars define the usefulness of UT. They are:

  • Leak detection
  • Mechanical
  • Lubrication
  • Steam Systems
  • Electrical
  • Hydraulics
  • Valves
  • Tightness Testing

These applications deliver potential benefits that include advanced asset reliability, higher equipment availability, improved product quality and throughput, elevated safety, less energy consumption, lower carbon footprint, and a reliability culture contagion desired by every manufacturer. The versatility of UT makes it the first line of defense for organizations seeking world-class asset reliability.

Short Competency Curve

Competency curves measure the investment required to onboard new or existing employees to a particular role. Onboarding refers to an individual’s journey as they learn a new skill. Reliability leaders want their condition monitoring technicians to transition from beginner, to intermediate, to competent, to exemplary as quickly as possible.

Research conducted by SDT places the competency curve for UT between 0 and 7 months. Contrast that with vibration analysis, which has a competency curve of 2-5 years and is limited to only finding defects that rotate. You need immediate results. UT is the logical go-to technology for reliability leaders looking to create an impact quickly.

Fast Return on Investment

Each of the UT Application Pillars has the potential to return both short- and long-term gains. Combine that with the lowest competency curve of any condition monitoring technology for a winning ROI formula. UT uncovers the most defects, earliest in the potential failure curve, with tangible results that significant lower costs and increase asset uptime. Implementing UT to your condition monitoring team can happen fast, provided budget is apportioned to training, implementation, and mentoring.

Why Partner with SDT?

As stated, UT has the potential to significantly advance reliability. Emphasis is placed on the word potential because success is not guaranteed. Partnered Ultrasound defines a roadmapped strategy that tilts the odds of success in your favor, allowing potential to be realized.

Independent research by™ demonstrates how reliability initiatives fail to gain traction 70% of the time. One reason why a program fails is a lack of resources dedicated to training, implementation, and mentoring. Companies that decide to go it alone only succeed 30% of the time.

Create Learners for Life

We’ve all heard the familiar cliché “the day I stop learning is the day I die.” Yet, too often training is budgeted as a singular event instead of the long-term progression towards competency it needs to be. Partnered Ultrasound, through sustained mentoring, makes “Learner for life” your new motto.

Define Aims, Create Line of Sight for Objectives

We are going to create a reliability culture contagion. Partnered Ultrasound works with management to define aims and objectives. We identify ways to recognize and celebrate those outcomes, and we show you how to communicate them throughout the entire organization.

Every Partnership begins with alignment. Alignment happens when these five questions are debated, and consensus is reached democratically by the UT Management Team.

  1. What are we setting out to accomplish?
  2. What are we attempting to change?
  3. Who do we need on our side?
  4. What are our primary pain points?
  5. How will we measure success?

Who’s Onboard?

The short answer is everyone.

We’ve come to know that the primary reason UT programs fail is because upper management does not understand its capabilities and its versatility. The Partnered Ultrasound Training Roadmap delivers the necessary knowledge from the top down.

Only through complete involvement of all stakeholders can we guarantee the creation of your world-class ultrasound program.

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