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Public Training (FR) – Ultrasound Level I – Montreal, QC

27 May  –  8:00 am  –  30 May  –  4:00 pm

SDT’s Live In-Person Level One Ultrasound Certification

*Presented in French*

At SDT Ultrasound Solutions, our mission is to deliver research-based knowledge that condition monitoring practitioners can trust. Not only does SDT understand your training needs, we are in tune with the unique challenges adults face when tasked with learning new technologies and skills.

SDT’s Vendor Driven Ultrasound Certification Course is perfect for students at any stage in their condition monitoring reliability journey.

Level One Course Objectives:

           –  Promote inspector confidence
           –  Provide a deeper understanding of ultrasound technology
           –  Ensure inspectors meet the standard level of knowledge and expertise
           –  Uphold the unique and significant place of ultrasound inspection in predictive and preventative maintenance programs.

Students will Learn:

           – The principles of ultrasound applied to predictive maintenance
           – Properties of leaks
           – How to quickly find leaks in any industrial environment
           – How to apply sound based techniques to lubrication tasks
           – How to apply sound based techniques to predict mechanical failures
           – How to identify a faulty steam trap
           – The effects of electrical faults and how to safely detect problems

What you Will Receive:

           – SDT Level 1 Ultrasound Certification – World Recognized Designation
           – Digital Course Manual
           – Digital Ultrasound Certification Badge
           – 12-Month Enrolment to Ultrasound Essentials™ ($499 value)
           – Subscription to Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials™ Webinar and Workshop Series (Priceless)

Important to Note:

           – This course is a technology course first.
           – It is a four day comprehensive mix of theory and practical experience.
           – Working from the Level 1 course guide, students are exposed to introductory sound theory and how it is applied to the inspection disciplines demanded by an effective ultrasound program

For a Full Course Synopsis, visit the link below!

$1595/person, Group Discount May Apply

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