A condition monitoring solution combining the versatility of ultrasound with the analytics of vibration 

SDT Ultrasound Solutions is excited to announce the release of Vigilantthe newest addition to its family of permanent condition monitoring solutions. Vigilant is an 8-channel online condition monitoring solution that combines the versatility of ultrasound diagnostics with the analytics of vibration data. An additional 4 channels allow inputs for more conventional machinery information such as temperature, RPM, and other process data. 

Vigilant is a stand-alone solution. With its own embedded software contained within the measurement pod, anyone with network credentials has access to critical asset health via web browser. Using standard communications protocols like Ethernet, OPC, and Modbus TCP, Vigilant’s communication capabilities makes the sharing of asset data to other information systems easy.  

There are many applications where using a single condition monitoring technology to attempt to identify a failure mode doesn’t net the outcomes needed by reliability planners,” explains Vigilant product specialist Robert Dent. “Vigilant combines insights from two proven technologies to bring conditional data into a common location, while providing industry standard tools to perform analysis.” 

As assets become more heavily guarded for safety protocol, condition monitoring teams need more creative ways to access collection points. Vigilant solves the accessibility dilemma by mounting low-cost, high-quality permanent ultrasound and vibration sensors to the asset, and then connecting the data directly to the asset owner. 

 SDT Ultrasound Solutions has always provided ways to collect and combine Ultrasound and Vibration measurements with our handheld portable systems,” said SDT’s Benoît DEGRAEVE, area sales manager and Vigilant product specialist in Europe. Today, we do the same thing with Vigilant, in a safe, reliable and permanent way.”  

Vigilant is available in two configurations: Mobility and Permanent. Vigilant Mobility comes packaged in a rugged, environmentally protected carrying case and is designed to travel with you to field-level critical assets where temporary 24/7 monitoring is requiredVigilant Permanent installs and remains on an asset for its life cycle. Protected in your own enclosure, Permanent requires a 24V power source and communications connection. 

Vigilant manages both Static and Dynamic datacreating an opportunity to establish long-term trending, analysis, and diagnosis at the earliest point in the failure curve.