Don’t limit your ultrasound equipment to managing compressed air leaks, when they’re capable of so much more. Indeed, acoustic imaging cameras such as the CRYSOUND Acoustic Imager go beyond conventional air leak detection, extending its capabilities to a variety of industrial gases. And it’s precisely at a time when industries are facing the challenges of operational efficiency and environmental responsibility, that CRYSOUND can make a real difference.

A Broad Spectrum of Industrial Gases

The smooth running of industries relies heavily on a variety of gases, from oxygen and carbon dioxide to argon, nitrogen, helium and hydrogen.

CRYSOUND’s 128-microphone MEMS array beamforming technology is therefore not limited to air leaks. Rather, it is a versatile tool capable of detecting leaks in all kinds of processes in which these gases are involved, from welding to cryogenics.

Efficient Detection in Complex Environments

Industrial plants are noisy, and identifying leaks in such environments can be difficult. The CRYSOUND’s exceptional focusing function, which keeps out ambient noise on the camera screen, combined with the LEAKChecker’s short-range detection accuracy, helps to meet this challenge.

In a recent demonstration, for example, CRYSOUND was used to locate 25 defects in just 60 minutes, demonstrating its effectiveness in real-life scenarios.

Environmental Impact: Minimizing Losses and Fostering Sustainability

The amount of losses due to leaks of compressed air and other industrial gases is still a mystery in numerous plants around the world. This is because leaks from compressed gas systems are not a top priority for maintenance teams.

After all, they don’t often affect production, and only pose a threat to safety in certain situations. That’s why most plants have no sustainability initiatives in place to reduce energy savings. Yet, undetected gas leaks not only compromise economic interests, but also contribute to environmental degradation.

That’s why significant improvements can be made to production, sustainability and the bottom line by finding the much less serious leaks that are ubiquitous in many compressed gas systems. CRYSOUND minimizes losses for companies, providing instant information through on-site reporting. Indeed, thanks to the combination of CRYSOUND and LEAKReporter, leak detection campaigns can be carried out efficiently, and detailed reports on cost savings generated, if leaks are subsequently properly repaired.

A Future of Precision Maintenance

When it comes to precision maintenance, CRYSOUND stands out from other cameras on the market. Its capabilities go beyond air leak detection, offering industries a versatile tool for improving efficiency, reducing environmental impact and taking a proactive approach to maintenance challenges. With a detection range of up to 120 meters, CRYSOUND is set to revolutionize the way industries approach fault detection, providing a powerful yet practical solution.

As companies constantly evolve in the industrial environment, CRYSOUND proves to be a reliable ally, offering not only a camera but also a strategic tool for achieving energy-saving and preventive maintenance objectives.