SDT Ultrasound Solutions is excited to announce the release of the LUBExpert
, the newest addition to the SDT Catalog, combining automation with reliability, simplicity, and safety.

Perfectly in line with the SDT mission, the LUBExpert ON-GUARD respects your assets and your work, gives you flexibility by conducting grease replenishment remotely and makes bearing replenishment simple by eliminating the need for extensive training.

“Under the strategic direction of the whole SDT Family, SDT Ultrasound Solutions proudly unveils the LUBExpert ON-GUARD. This latest innovation is a testament to our focused efforts in redefining and advancing the ultrasound technology sector.” Benoit Degraeve, SDT Ultrasound Solutions Director & General Sales Manager, continues: “LUBExpert ON-GUARD is not merely a product, it’s a cornerstone in our ambitious growth plan. It reflects our dedication to delivering groundbreaking solutions that align with our vision of smarter, more efficient, and sustainable asset management. With this release, we are setting a new benchmark in smart, condition-based lubrication, directly contributing to the operational excellence and competitive edge of our clients. The LUBExpert ON-GUARD is a clear signal of our commitment to continuous innovation and strategic growth in the ever-evolving world of ultrasound technology.”

The LUBExpert ON-GUARD is an online monitoring system designed for smart ultrasound-assisted lubrication with up to 8 channels. The system enables smooth relubrication of assets only when needed, with the appropriate amount of lubricant ensuring your assets consistently perform at their peak.

The device promotes a sustainable future with precise control, preventing unnecessary depletion and oversupply as well as reducing lubricant consumption and electrical energy use. This new SDT patented solution helps you keep your workforce safe by conducting grease replenishment remotely, mitigating any potential risks in hazardous environments.

Once configured, its built-in local web server can pilot compatible lubricators guided by the SDT LUBrain algorithm or any alternative relubrication mode to fit your existing procedures. Problems can now be prevented thanks to a personalized, autonomous and data-driven maintenance strategy. The all-inclusive options offered by the LUBExpert ON-GUARD provide an unprecedented level of flexibility empowering the user to choose the optimal lubrication strategy for their factory.

Access to the LUBExpert ON-GUARD web server is handled through the local network, requiring no additional software installation or licensing. Data is hosted by the system, displayed in separate charts organized per channel, and remains available/exportable to any client system compatible with Modbus TCP. The LUBExpert ON-GUARD offers the freedom to connect and control from anywhere, putting the power of efficient maintenance in the palm of your hands.