Repairs and Calibration Procedure

The Importance of Calibration

SDT products are built in an ISO9001 facility, to exacting specifications. At the time of purchase, your equipment was calibrated to ensure accurate and repeatable data. Through regular usage, operating conditions, handling, and environment, your SDT instrument may lose some of its “just like new” shine. Therefore, we recommend that all SDT products be returned to an authorized, factory service center, for an annual checkup and recalibration.

Annual calibration is important because it restores confidence in the integrity of the ultrasound data used to make decisions about your assets. It is also a necessary procedure to ensure your SDT investment remains protected by our Lifetime Warranty Program.

Remember that only those instruments that are calibrated annually, qualify for SDT’s LIFETIME WARRANTY. This warranty applies to the following products: SDT340, SDT270, SDT200, SDT LUBExpert KIT, SDT LEAKChecker KIT, SDT LUBEChecker KIT, SDT TIGHTChecker KIT, SDT TRAPChecker KIT, SDT ULTRAChecker KIT, SDT T-Sonic1.

The Calibration Process

During the calibration process, your SDT device is connected to a highly accurate, factory calibrated laboratory instrument. Hundreds of signal pulses are sent to your SDT device to evaluate its ability to receive, process, measure, and report accurate data. Any deviations are logged and, if necessary, adjustments are made to restore your device to new condition.
A before and after report is generated along with a new calibration certificate.

Returning your SDT Products for Repairs and Calibration

1. Service Request Form

IMPORTANT!! Do not return products without completing one of the forms you will find by clicking on the service center of your choice, see below. All mandatory fields must be completed. This form helps us identify any issues with your equipment and track your service request through our repair center. Submit this form electronically or print and included with your shipment.

2. Returning equipment to SDT, or an approved SDT Repair Facility

We highly recommend sending your equipment in its original storage case. The will help prevent damage during transit, allow accurate accounting of received components, and avoid additional packaging costs upon return shipment.

Please send your equipment to the following address, or your approved SDT Distributor:

SDT International
Bd. de L’Humanité 415
B-1190, Brussels
SDT North America
7677 County Road 2
Cobourg ON K9A 0X4,

3. Verification of Equipment

SDT Authorized Repair Centers verify every item/component received, including:

  • Ultrasound receiver
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Sensors and accessories
  • Transmitters

We therefore recommend you return your complete SDT KIT.
NB: For TankTest systems, do not send the mechanical sleeve, the suction or discharge pipes.

4. Repair/Calibration Estimates

A repair and/or calibration estimate is always sent for approval prior to completing any work. If your device is up-to-date in terms of its annual calibration, and is still covered by SDT’s Lifetime Warranty, all repairs are free*.

Please allow approximately three business days to receive our estimate from the time our repair center receives your SDT kit.

SDT defines repairs as, “refurbishing and returning your SDT products to factory settings and performance levels.

You are free to accept, or decline, the repair/calibration estimate. Should the estimate be declined — for any reasons – the equipment will not be calibrated, and a handling fee assessed to cover any functional tests or other charges incurred by our repair center.

Upon acceptance of our repair/calibration estimate, please send us your purchase order/repair agreement.

5. Repair/calibration of your System

Please allow approximately three business days from receipt of your order, for our service center to complete your repairs/calibration. For TankTest equipment, allow an additional two days if the sensors need replacement.

* Please refer to the Lifetime Warranty Program for the conditions.